My new Social Business Consultancy opens monday!

To be honest I did not retire from IBM after 16 years because I wanted to stop working. I retired from IBM because I wanted to start working!

I loved working for IBM. To me it has been the best and most exiting workplace ever. But I wanted to fulfill a personal dream which is to use all the knowledge, skills and experience I have collected through my working career within many industries all since I was 19 years old.

Brainworker LogoSo on monday I am open for business with my new company BRAINWORKER. There I will work mainly with Social Business related services. Consulting, advisory, presentations, speaker assignments, social business strategies, planning, education, social business adoption, personal productivity and, off course, make sure my clients get the right collaboration software licenses from IBM.

My license sales will focus on the Norwegian market only, but the consultative part of my business will be in whatever the clients may be located. Work is not an office it’s what I do and I will work as I learn: A New Way To Work!

You are happy to contact me for questions.