Do I really need a laptop now? Just installed IBM Connections Editor on my iPad…

Wow! I just updated my IBM Connections Cloud app and installed the IBM Connections Editor app on my old iPad Mini. Opened a new document, wrote, edited and saved it. Put away my iPad and there it was – the very same document in my files repository in my IBM Connections Cloud account. As easy as chewing a peanut!

So now I am wondering – do I really need my laptop anymore? With IBM Connections Cloud I can more or less do most of my work on my litte iPad combined with my small iPad Keyboard from Logitech. It looks like I can do 70 – 80 % of my tasks using the iPad which saves me quite a bit of weight in my shoulder bag. I could do with a small purse!

Well, for some tasks, like live demo’s of some software solutions, I would need a laptop (I use an old MacBook Air which do not connect to Apple TV). But more or less everything else I can do on my handhelds.

What about You? How do you see the trend in your case? Is the standard laptop a dying breed? What do you use your handhelds for workwize?

Feel free to comment!