Dreaming of success in sales? You need a New Way To Work! And here it is – Pipeliner CRM!

Since I stopped working for IBM and started my own consulting business, I have broadened my product portfolio. I now sell two different solutions that both fits into the New Way To Work principles: IBM Connections Cloud and Pipeliner CRM.

Both are super solutions to improve the way we work, increase our productivity and help us get more skills, communicate openly, collaborate efficiently, make us focus on our targets and consentrate on activities that brings every sales opportunity to a faster closing.

Most of you readers know IBM Connections Cloud. Not so many knows Pipeliner CRM. You really should acquaint yourself with Pipeliner CRM. It simply is the best and most modern CRM-solution I have ever seen – and I have seen many.

I came across this great solution when I was looking for a CRM-solution for my own consulting company. I downloaded a free 30 day full version to test it out and it was love at first sight.

Pipeliner CRM turns traditional CRM, as we know it, totally upside down! Pipeliner is not a contact register or an adress book (even if it is also that). Pipeliner is not a list of prospects and leads (even if it is also that). Pipeliner is not a traditional pipeline management tool (even if it is also that).

Pipeliner CRM is so much more! It is, no doubt, the worlds most visual and simple to use sales tool. Sales Managers will especially love its way to empower the sales reps and the way it helps them move the cases forward to a closing. You may structure Pipeliner CRM to fit your special sales method and sales process, step by step. It improves the quality of the sales process and documents every step simply by drag & drop functionality.

These days there is a new version calles Pipeliner CRM Arithmetica which simply is mind-blowing by how it simplifies reporting and analyzes the numbers, the prognoses and the activities measured sales rep by sales rep, region by region, product by product – and it does it all with beautiful graphs and easy to understand visual views.

Your really have to see it by yourself. Go to this link and download a free 30 days full version for four users. Only by downloading from this link you will get one -1- free online help from me personally to get going!

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to use the solution. Check them out! Here is a short teaser video: