Norwegian company quits SharePoint and moves to IBM Domino

– We simply don’t get SharePoint to do what we want – solve our problems. So we throw it out and move to the good old IBM Domino Server technology.

That is the message from a Norwegian company within the oil/gas/energy/offshore industry. Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you the name of the company, but my source is very good.

This is not the only company that after some time understand that there is no thruth in the saying: – SharePoint is the answer. What was the question?

Off course SharePoint has it’s pro’s, but also it’s con’s like most digital solutions. But in my 16 years within the collaboration business I have often experienced customers suddenly and bitterly understand that everything they thought SharePoint could do for them was’nt excactly as the believed. But when they understand it, it is too late. They have burned a lot of money to consultants trying to make SharePoint do what a good old Domino Server would as default.

Time burnt, money gone. Too late to turn around, they think and throw more good money after the bad money.

But now and then there is a bold company that dears to admit their wrong decision and turns 180 degrees – back to what they had, and that worked day after day, year after year.

Plus, I know a lot of companies that have moved to Microsoft solutions like Exchange and Sharepoint, who still pays license fees to IBM because they are dependent on their business applications that runs on the good old Domino Server.

Double platforms – double license fees…


  1. Unfortuantly it is an old story, that surfaced last year – and is not true. The story is made as an internal joke in a very large company, that unfortuantly leaked. The Norwegian company was Statoil by the way.


    1. Yes, the story is true. It is not Statoil as some rumors says. And it is not the same story that surfaced last year. The source is very close to the company, but I have promised not to disclose the name of the source and the company. And promises are to be kept. As a former journalist I know my ethics and I follow the same principles as ordinary Norwegian news media.

      The company uses SharePoint, but does not find it to live up to what they expected. So the IT-manager decided that they will move to IBM Domino to get their issues resolved.

      Here is my question to you: How can you say the story is not true when you don’t know the name of the company?


  2. Thanks for the article.. just one more question (if you can give me the answer). Did they move from Notes to SharePoint and then come back to Domino?


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