If you need a new CRM-solution – talk to me!

People who know me well knows that social collaboration and personal effectiveness is close to my heart. And what immediately gets into their minds are IBM Social Collaboration tools like good old IBM Domino and IBM Notes – an off course IBM Connections.

But, there is also a new technology that I have started to promote, evangelize, sell and implement – as well as giving advice and user education. And that is CRM!

In my earlier life as a consultant and writer I wrote quite a few books and article series about Sales, Marketing and Personal Productivity. And sales – even as a freelance writer – has always been part of me.

So when I started up my new consulting business in july this year, I needed a new CRM-solution to help me drive my prospecting and sales. And I found my new love – Pipeliner CRM.

I have used a lot of CRM-solutions through all my years in business. Only in IBM I have been through at least four different systems as they never seemed to be good enough for that big company.

All of the systems I have used have been boring, complex and time consuming. Stealing my active sales time.

Pipeliner CRM is totally different. It is the worlds most visual CRM-solution ever. It turns traditional CRM-thinking upside down. It is the first CRM-solution that also is social in the way that it tracks every move and every post your prospects and customers are making in the social media.

And the reports it generates! Wow! Forget about dead and boring spreadsheets! Reports in Pipeliner CRM are all my visual dreams coming alive!

Off course it’s a cloud solution. Off course there is an open API. Off course you may make your special sales processes they way you want them. Off course it’s also on handhelds.

And off course I have integrated it with my IBM Verse and my IBM Connections Cloud account.

You really should kick the tires! And here is the link to your 30 day free trial account for you and a handful of your sales reps.

Register today and give it a spin! You’ll be amazed!

Read more about my company Brainworker AS and Pipeliner CRM here!