They could get everything included, but still they pay millions developing what they hope to become a social intranet!

Companies developing interactive intranets often believe they have to develop everything themselves or using consultants. They spend millions on making their intranets do what they want them to do.

Far too often these are millions they could have used better if they were only willing to listen to others than their usual vendor. Or have the guts to look at other platforms than the usual one. The one they choose «because everyone else use it».

Well, that «everyone» else are using a platform does not mean it is the best platform for you. And, if you want to be different from your competitors, you have to do things differently.

Or, as a participant at a presentation I did on IBM Notes many years ago said to me:

– But, Arne, IBM Notes is not a market leader!

And I asked him:

– What car do you drive?

– BMW, he replied.

– But that is not a market leader in this country. Toyota is. Why did you choose BMW?

– Because it’s the best, he said.

– Exactly, I replied with a big smile on my face.

So where do I want to go with this little story? Well, first of all to make you understand that going where «everybody» else go is not neccessary the right thing for you.

Next, to make you understand that you can get a better intranett by choosing another intranet platform than «the others» do. And thus saving millions in getting there.

The Norwegian blogger, writer, photographer and intranet specialist, Hogne Pettersen, has published a great article about this. Absolutely worth reading. Here it is!

PS! I did not mention what «everybody» tend to choose because of their fear to be different, but I guess you get it anyway.

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