Looking back at 2015 in blogging

1451551205_thumb.jpegLooking back at 2015 is always a learning lesson. And when I look at the statistics on my blog ”The Nielsen Chronicle” it is showing a decline.

I only had 16,000 viewers during 2015, which is about 6 sold out performances at Sydney Opera House.

The reason for the decline is certainly a lower activity on my side. I have used the last half of 2015 to focus on my new consulting business Brainworker AS. It has taken quite some time to get everything in place, doing marketing and getting the first orders. And, not to forget, that after making early retirement from IBM, two years ahead of schedule, I have also taken a lot of time off.

I did no more than 23 new blog postings this year and most of them were posted on fridays. The total of blogpost grew to 2,093 (2,094 included this one) during the years.

Among the most read posts this years was these stories:

to Microsoft Office – July 2015
Norwegian company quit Sharepoint and moves to IBM Domino – December 2015

Some readers did not believe the last story was true, but it was. My source has been working with the company that made this decision and the project is ongoing.

By the way, my most commented post in 2015 was My last working day with IBM ended with success: My customer decided to move from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Verse!

Now where do my readers come from? One should think that most of my readers come from Norway as the blog started as a Norwegian language blog named ”My Notes Blog” many years ago. But no.

Most visitors – nearly 5,000 – comes from The United States (more than the double of Norway), with Norway and Germany not far behind. The rest of my readers comes from all corners of the world – 121 countries in all!

I have nearly 1,000 readers in India, 57 in Thailand, 70 in Indonesia, 155 in Japan, 155 in Russia, 358 in Australia, 62 in New Zealand, 69 in South Africa, 430 in Canada, 345 in Brazil and readers from far away countries as Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Angola, Mozambique, Egypt and off course all the European countries.

So, what will happen in 2016?

I will certainly increase my activity on this english written blog. But also go on blogging in Norwegian at my consulting companys blog Brainworker.

Also, I would love to get your input and storys! Maybe I will open it for more bloggers to bring more news on the themes I want to cover. Anyone interested?

Happy New Year to you all!