Connect 2016: Let us be positive to change!

What all social business enthusiasts are waiting for is the Opening General Session (OGS) at IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando starting up at 08:00 am eastern time monday february 1st.

This is the moment or the hour of truth on where IBM will be moving for the next year of social collaboration. What will their existing clients expect to see coming in the future, be it strategy, be it new products, be it new services, be it new functionality for existing solutions. Want to watch the General Opening Session online – go here!

And this year, like any year before, their competitors will be there to see what IBM has up their sleeve and in what direction they will have to move themselves regarding social business and collaboration. It is a fact that IBM is the most innovative company within this field and has set the agenda for «anything collaborative» for the last decade. It has been the worlds leading innovator for 12 years in a row!

Expectations are high. Very high. Not at least within the social community aka the old Lotus fans around the world. They have had a tendency to be negative towards IBM’s collaboration stuff each year after Lotusphere, ConnectED or Connect (or whatever this conference has been called).

Despite this they simply love the solutions and stick to them year after year because it just works, minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year. The famous Domino server never seem to stop. It is probably one of the most stable piece of software ever built.

So why this traditional negativity? It is a love hate relationship. Because the software is such a masterpiece they want it to be even better. Even though it is a lot better and sunstainable than similar solutions from the competitors. It is like your kids – you simply love them so much that you push them to do even better every day.

But there are two sides of this. One is that it pushes IBM to do even better. The other is that it is like pouring gas on the fire for the competitor. All those consultants at IBM’s business partners that are spreading negativity are pulling the mat away under their own feet.

One Norwegian blogger admitted this attitude in one of his blog posts recently. I know him, he is a clever guy and he knows a lot about IBM’s collaboration solutions after working with it years after years. This year he will change his approach and focus on the good stuff and the positive developments in the news from Connect 2016.

I think that is the right attitude. The world is changing and so is the way we work, whether we like it or not. Let us not be the grumpy and stubborn old guys and girls any more. Let us admit that postivity is the only thing that can improve our world.

Code will be the game changer!