Social CRM drives the sales to closing!

Pipeliner CRM is on a mission to build a sales tool that seamlessly guides salespeople and gives them all the insights they need to make Opportunities out of Leads and Closed Deals out of Opportunities – which is why I’ve partnered with them!

Pipeliner-CRM-Elements-TeaserMy company, Brainworker AS, is an authorized Pipeliner CRM Strategic Consulting Partner for Scandinavia. That means we promote, sell, implement the solution and also train and coach their sales people.

Pipeliner recently announced Elements, a groundbreaking release from Pipeliner CRM, which features a radical new UI design, corporate logo and a one-of-a-kind feature that is the first to map real sales processes – called The Buying Center.

In my early days at IBM I had to join their eminent sales school which was more or less bootcamps where we trained 24/7. And I learned a lot of methods; Social Selling, Solution Selling, Selling Forensics, Provocative Selling, you name it – I was trained on it.

But one of the most important things I learned was how to build a Pain Chain and draw a map of who is who and who is influencing your proposal positively or negatively – and who is the real decison maker.

The Pain Chain is a map of how a problem somewhere in the company is the cause for another problem at another place in the company. Tracking this and make a map of it helped me get around in the company and each time a little higher in the decision chain.

And here is the clue with Pipeliner CRM’s Buying Centre – it freally helps you make that map and vizualise it for yourself and your sales reps.

Another great thing with this solution that I use in my prospecting and find extremely helpful – Pipeliner CRM tracks whatever happens around the customer in social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. – at all times you are updated on the news on every prospect or customer you have – and always has something to talk about with the customer. Rule number one in all sales: Know your customer!

Want to check out Pipeliner CRM for free with four of you sales reps for 30 days? Register here and I’ll give you one hour online free demo or assistance to get up and running!