sorry folks! I have no time to update this blog. What do you want me to do?

Since I started my company june last year I have been so occupied with other tasks and my Norwegian company blog that The Nielsen Chronicle has not been updated for a long time.

I need your advice:

  1. Should I just close it down and delete it?
  2. Should I just leave it as it is like an archive?
  3. Should I rework it and use it as an english version of my company blog?

The last one could be an idea if I want to sell my services to other countries. That would be speaking engagements, strategic consulting on social business, personal productivity coaching, IBM Connections Cloud user training, Pipeliner CRM user training and consulting, Evernote user training and consulting or Public Relation & Media services.

Please give me some advice!


  1. I vote for option 3, keep it and use it as an English version of your other blog.


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