Hello! I’m back!

Summer is slow here in Norway. Everybody is going away for vaction minimum five weeks, most of employees take out all five weeks in july. So business is veeeeery slow this month.

Anyway, this makes it possible for me to upgrade myself on knowledge, certifications and do some planning and preparations for the rest of the year.

Every morning I use one hour working through LinkedIn to find new prospects. I participated in a great web course a while ago thet really helped me understand hos to utilize LinkedIn as a prospecting tool and not just a place to show off.

30DSM-LOGO-glossy.pngThe course is called 30 Day Sales Machine and is really great. After a weeks work I had increased my number of prospects by 180 % as I remember. I learnt a very efficient method that more or less automated my search for prospects and gave me a step by step technique to get in contact with the prospects without being to “salesy”, but buy building trust and offering value. After a week I closed important contracts thanks to this method.

Check it out by clicking the link.