This is the best CRM I have ever used! (video)

When I started my own company last summer, I was searching for a CRM-solution that was modern, easy to use, mobile and not just another reporting tool like most so called CRM-solutions I have used earlier. Believe me, I’ve tried more than many.

Traditional CRM is just soo boring and old fashioned. They are complex to use, time consuming and does not help the sales rep move the sales opportunity forward to a closing. The are only advanced adress books to help sales managers control their sales reps.

I wanted something new, something inspiring, something that was not just another reporting tool. As my own sales rep I wanted something that helped me sell, sell, sell.

I found it!

Event though the solution have the abbreviation CRM in its name, I do not see it as a CRM-solution. I see it as an intelligent sales assistant, a good researcher and helper that points me in the right direction regarding the sales method and sales process that I prefer to use.

It helps me to plan next step for every case, the next action to close. It helps me stay updated on what my prospect is up to – the latest news from social media. It helps me draw a map of the prospects organization and also of their decision process. It does the research for me.

1446582769_full.pngPipeliner CRM is the name of the solution and it is the most visual CRM-solution that exist on this planet. I became such a big fan of Pipeliner CRM that I immediately contacted them to become their Business Partner in the Nordics. I have worked through all the education and courses, learned how to implement and tweek the solution so it gets tailor made for each customer. So now I am a Pipeliner CRM Consulting Partner.

Here are some of the news in the lastest version of Pipeliner CRM:

So, if you want to buy Pipeliner CRM, want a live demo, want help implementing or tailor the solution to your explicit needs – who do you call? Brainworker!

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PS! For those of you who are fans of IBM Connections Cloud (like me) I am working with some really clever techies here in Norway to integrate Pipeliner CRM and IBM Connections Cloud! Just think of it – in the same moment you register a new prospect in Pipeliner CRM – it automatically creates a new community for that client in your IBM Connections Cloud. I always do that to bond the client to me through a community where we have all dialogs, projects, documents, idea creation and so on – you know what I mean!