(VIDEO) See all the new great functions in Pipeliner CRM!

I love Pipeliner CRM! First as a client when I needed a new and fresh sales tool when I opened my new business last summer. And I fell in love almost in a flash!

Selling has been part of most any work I have done through more than three decenniums. And I have used a lot of boring, slow, complex and completely foolish CRM solutions. You name them, I’ve tried them.

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After using Pipeliner CRM for one week I understood that I wanted to learn more. I made contact with Pipelinersales Inc. and got a warm welcome from their VP, Global ISV & Partner Alliances, Todd Martin. He made sure I got the neccesary training and skill to become a Pipeliner CRM Consulting Partner. So what I do now is promoting Pipeliner CRM and offer tailoring and user education to my clients.

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Now, one great thing with Pipeliner CRM, is that they never stop develop new functionalities. They listen to their users and when we asked for a possibility to phone our clients directly from Pipeliner CRM – they just made that available in the next version.

And now they are out we a new and updated version again with lots of new stuff that make the work of a sales rep or a sales manager even easier. As a sales person I have never been as productive as I am now.

Juets take a look at this video – and this is only a part of all the new stuff: