This is the New Way To Work

When I started my own business last summer I needed a work tool that filled all my needs for document handling, process and project management, email, calendaring, sharing, text, spreadsheets and presentations.

I also needed functions that would make it easy for me to share documents and presentations with clients, have meetings and webinars with them without travelling and also instant video/audio conferences.

So I chose IBM Connections Cloud which also included IBM Verse – a totally new way to work with email. And this video shows a work day is very similar to mine:

For every new client I now make a new digital communty where I share everything with my client; agreements, contracts, project plans and management, common to-do-lists, comments and discussions and any file or brochure that is relevant for the client.

When I am out travelling without my laptop (MacBook Air) I have access to everything on my tablet (iPad) or smart phone (iPhone). If I ever buy an Android device I can do the same. Or if I change to Windows (may The Force forbid) I still hav the same access.

Mye way of working has changed to the better and more efficient. I do not need as many work hours as earlier – which saves me time to either do more work – or even better – gives me time off to be more with my loved ones.

If you want to know more about how I changed my way to work and became more productive even though I work less hours – you are welcome to book a free online meeting with me!