I bid you farewell Mr. Mark Zuckerberg!

To all my friends on Facebook:

Today Facebook censored and removed an article I shared from VG – one of the biggest newspapers in Norway. The article was all about the fact that the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg had been censored by Facebook when she published and wrote about the iconic and historical picture of a nude child trying to escape for napalm bombing in Vietnam. I shared this critical article with picture on Facebook.

This evening the shared article was removed by Facebook. When I clicked further on Facebook had listed 10 – 15 other pictures I had shared – most of them showing two of my grand children – fully dressed in joyful play at a scientific museum. And one of the pictures showed a crowd of people entering the stairs at IKEA. Facebook then asked me to confirm that none of these pictures was of any sexual character!!

This kind of censorship reminds me of countries and political systems that are as far from democratic as it is able to become. This is censorship we find in countries like Russia, China, North-Korea and similar dictatorships.

I can no longer support a digital platform that censors critical articles and historical facts. It is against all my values, my political standpoints, my spiritual beliefs and philosophy.

My father once told me:

” Stand upright because you have an inner core, not because you have a thick skin.”

The time has come to vote with my feet. I cannot be a part of this any more. I will no longer accept the rules I confirmed to accept when I joined Facebook. Therefore I will have to leave Facebook.

So – to assure you – my dear Facebook friends – you are not the reason I am leaving. I will miss you all, but I will not and I can not support Facebook anymore. What if our telco’s censored us on the phone?

Well, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg – you are hereby censored and locked out of my digital world. Not because of nudity, but because of stupidity. 


  1. I am not on facebook, though I can not do the same thing, but I would have. I think you did the right thing.
    Now you just should share the story with us, what happened since 2013, when you quit the first time.


    1. How did you get to know I have left Facebook earlier? That time it was because I thought it took too much time and did not bring me much value. But then my children begged me to log on again as they are living in another part of the country.


  2. Nice. You should also pull the Facebook ‘share this’ link from your blog template, to be consistent.


  3. Impression on Russia/China censorship is from 50-60ties of last century? Before you put these counties in shade, visit them to have real impression if it really that bad there… listen less to massmedia, especially US funded. Btw, Napalm use on live people was accepted by US. Isnt root of evil obvious?


    1. Does that make Facebook look any better? I do not accept any form of censorship, no matter country, newspapers, digital platforms or else. Censorship is anti democratic and do not allow free exchange of thoughts and ideas – which is must to bring the world forward. End of story.


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