Evernote comes to iMessage!

I am really happy about what’s coming to Messages. With the introduction of the App Store for iMessage in iOS 10, you can do more with messaging than ever before. Now, that includes sharing a copy of a note from Evernote with anyone else using iMessage, without leaving the Messages app. Launch Evernote for iMessage, search your notes, and select the one you want to send. Evernote for iMessage lets you share notes with other iMessage users. If your recipient already has Evernote, the link will open right in the iMessage app.This is a perfect way to send meeting and project details, reminders, class notes, or anything you want to share on the go.

Once you’ve upgraded to iOS 10, be sure to also download Evernote 7.17 to take full advantage of all the advancements, updates, and improvements Evernote has been working on to ensure your notes are always easy to write, search, find, and share.

Update to version 7.17 today!