Changes ahead…

The time has come to change! There are big changes going on around the world – not only within technology, but also in politics and change of human values.

The time has come to change this blog. Change the themes on what I write about. Broaden the scope from collaboration and collaborative technology – to collaboration, human values and how we treat each other in our daily lives. How we behave, how we think, how we share or keep our values to ourselves.

Personally I am into a big transition. I am into my life’s slow-down period, the third and last chapter of my life. 66 years old, maybe going on to 83 – 85 I I’m lucky…

I quit my job last year, my pension pays my bills, I started my own small company selling processing time in my own brain. Some would say it’s quite cloudy up there.

Maybe, it surely is closer to Heaven!

My transition to my next life has already started. I have four grown up kids, I have five grand children and the fifth is on her way, still “baking in the oven”.

There is also a spiritual side of this as God have always been with me since my childhood days, even though not very active through my grown up life, always there in the deepest parts of my soul, but kind of hidden from my daily practical life.

You need to know this story to understand what is going on with me:

Two of my oldest grand children were not baptised, which I accepted, but sorrowed. When one of them, a baby girl, had her naming day, in an unnoticed moment I drew a small cross with my finger on her forehead and asked God to Bless her. I never told anyone I did it. It was my secret until earlier this year.

15 years later, this spring, this little baby girl, now a beautiful young lady, called to ask me to join her baptism and confirmation! She had decided in her heart to go with God.

Every time I think of this I get tears in my eyes. To me this is a message from God showing me that he heard my prayer and blessing 15 years ago. To me this was a sign that God wanted to tell me that he was closer to me than I understood myself.

And then he started to work inside my heart. Knocking and rebuilding my feelings, thinking and beliefs. Turning the whole interior upside down. Refurnishing my inside totally. And the voice kept saying: – If she can, you can. If she can, you can. If she can, you can.

So, now here I am. Well into the process of converting to become a catholic, leaving the Lutheran church which almost every Norwegian are born into. And from the first day I went into my new catholic church I got a very strong feeling inside of me. – At home, at last. At Home.

So, dear readers. There will be a change on this blog. I will still write about technology, collaboration og social business. But I will also write about other things that are on my mind and in my feelings. Slowly this blog will change to a broader spectre of things.

It will be a new journey both for me and my readers. I do not know where it will be leading me and maybe my readers.

What I do know is that this blog from now on will be all about life! My life and your life!

If you want to participate in this walk along the road to here, there and everywhere, please join me and let’s talk while we walk.

If you don’t want to follow me into this land of nowhere and everywhere, then let’s say good bye and God Bless. Good luck to you and good luck to me…

Next time: Let’s talk about Donald Trump… 


  1. Thank you for each single work you wrote.
    What you described here was already in your sight and your eyes when i met you on the bus last year.
    Happy to read what you wrote. Thank you so much for having written it!


  2. Mr. Nielsen – Congratulations on your conversion to the Catholic Faith! It’s also wonderful to hear about your personal faith in God’s plan for your granddaughter, too. The good Lord never disappoints!

    Catholic means “universal” – it is the faith to which the Lord calls all of humanity from all ages. So rest assured that you’ve made the correct decision for eternity! Bravo also for your courage in a predominantly Lutheran country.


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