What’s ‘appening with Notes Domino?

Do you wonder what is happening with good old IBM Lotus Notes and Domino? Is it dead? Is it alive and kicking? What’s ‘appening?

Well, there is a (may be not so) simple answer to that:

  • Elementary, Dr. Watson!

Domino and Notes are still there, but maybe not so visible as it used to. And there is a reason for that: The world is changing, the technology is changing, the way we work is changing. And therefore the tools we use at work has to change too!

IBM came up with some new stuff quite a while ago and a big part of that is IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse. These are the new platform for collaborative work and processes. And believe it or not – it’s been a great success all over the world. According to analysts IBM Connections has been the market leader on social collaboration for enterprise for about 7 years in a row.

I left IBM last summer to start my own consulting business. But I had already stopped using IBM Notes six months before that. I had already been using IBM Connections as an internal collaboration platform and started using IBM Verse for email as it was integrated with Connections.

Even if I had been working as a Lotus Notes Evangelist for 16 years I saw the light when I fired up my IBM Verse for the first time. I fell in love with the new way to work and dumped my old lover – the Lotus Notes Client.

IBM followed suit themselves and you really should walk the corridors to find an IBM’er who still uses good old Lotus Notes. They all use IBM Verse and IBM Connections now – wherever they are – using PC’s, Mac’s, Android devices or Apple devices. And IBM used only 7 months to move all their 450.000 employees to the new platform.

I left IBM, but I did not leave IBM Connections and IBM Verse. This is the platform I run my small business on and I have nothing installed locally. I do not care about upgrades, virus, spam or backup. It is all in the cloud – the very, very secure cloud that IBM provides.

So, Notes and Domino are dead, at last?

You could not be more wrong. The products and the technology are still there, but they are under the hood. The engine, the power, the functionalities and all the other good old stuff you loved about the platform are still there – and still developed. But they are invisible to the end user – just like the engine in your car. It is still there under the hood but you are doing what you should do when you are behind the wheel; keeping your eies on the road ahead, focused on reaching your business targets.

But, if you really are that technically interested, and would like to drive by them map and not let the GPS take you where you planned to go, here is the roadmap:


  1. The Notes client is in maintenance mode. IBM plans to deliver the past (broken?) promises of feature additions to N/D. Is Domino under the hood for Verse? Yes. But that’s pretty much it. No change the app dev landscape – again.

    Have you really watched the webcast?


    1. Hi Thomas! Yes, I’ve seen the webcast. And I totally agree that Domino is alive and kicking and will go on being developed in the direction IBM is moving their collaborative/cognitive solution. So, we are on the same page, Thomas. But I also accept that things have to change. As the saying goes: Change or die!


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