Ovum: IBM Connections is a leader in Enterprise Social Networking

Ovum has published the “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Enterprise Social Networking Product, 2016–17” and has named IBM Connections as one of two leading products.

“Businesses and institutions depend on the cooperation of employees and teams to function and compete; thus, organizational life is inherently social,” the report notes. With the proliferation of data and increasing workplace complexity making it more difficult to find the right information and expertise we need to get our work done, effective collaboration is more important than ever. Connecting employees in a unified way, in one integrated platform, allows them to share ideas and spark new ones, organize and function as agile teams, build communities, and scale these functions to drive the business forward.

Ovum evaluated solutions based on seven assessment categories consisting of 209 data points: social features, collaboration features, end-user experience features, content management features, deployment features, administration features, and developer features. The report notes that the “Leader” designation is “reserved for enterprise social networking products that score significantly above the combined group average” in the above categories. In naming IBM Connections one of the two leading ESN products, Ovum cited its superior content management functionality.

Ovum also discussed IBM infusion of cognitive capabilities in creating a “smarter workspace” that acts as a strategic advisor to the organization, giving companies a competitive advantage through the ability to navigate today’s increasingly complex business environment.

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