Brainworker made Norwegian Local Goverment a World Wide IBM Reference!

When the local government “Hamarøy Kommune” in Nordland, Norway wanted to modernize their collaboration solutions, they contacted Brainworker.

We proposed to change the way they worked to improve their productivity. This by adapt new and modern technology for social collaboration both internally and externally.

They chose IBM Connections Cloud which is Brainworkers speciality and this is now the new totally integrated work tool for all 200 employees in the small local government.


Hamarøy Kommune is now an official reference for IBM world wide and is a typical example on how a local goverment can both improve their productivity and save cost at the same time.

The IT-manager, Sverre Tor Olsen says:

“The migration to the cloud was one of the easiest projects I have done—the entire process went very smoothly,” recalls Olsen. “All our users kept their old mailboxes, and IBM provided the support and guidance we needed every step of the way.

“Our IBM consultant* was extremely helpful, and delivered the guidance we needed to get up and running quickly. We adopted the ‘train the trainer’ model, and ran a short session to train 15 superusers from across the municipality, who in turn trained their peers. IBM Connections Cloud is extremely intuitive from a user interface perspective, and we were impressed by how easy it was for our people to make the switch.”

* The whole project (licenses, migration services and user training) was delivered by Brainworker’s consultants with our background and competence from decades within IBM.

“Without a doubt, our new approach to working is saving us substantial time on travel,” continues Olsen. “Capabilities such as collaborative document editing make it far easier for people across the organization to work together. In the IT department alone, we estimate that we are saving 12 person-days per year simply because we no longer need to travel out on site to assist users with issues such as logging in or resetting their passwords; we can administer everything from the cloud.”

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