We are alive and kicking!

Brainworker 2.0 is now alive! Go to http://www.brainworker.no to have a look. Sorry if you do not understand Norwegian – it is directed to the Scandinavian market – and Scandinavians are able to read, speak and understand each others languages – exept the Finnish off course.

If you would like to read news and comments in English, please follow the blog you are now reading at http://www.the-nielsen-chrinicle.com. If you like to read news and comments in Norwegian go to http://www.brainworkerno.wordpress.com.

If you like support with problems on any of the technologies we work with, please send a problem description and your contact info to support@brainworker.zendesk.com and we will help you as fast as possible.

Here are some of the technolgies we work with:

IBM Domino, IBM Notes, IBM Verse, IBM Connections, IBM WebSphere, IBM XPages, Java, Javascript, html, xml, groovy, grails, Windows, Linux Ubuntu, MacOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Evernote Business, Box Business, Pipeliner CRM, ProjExec and WordPress – just to mention a few!