Improve your IBM Connections Cloud with Kodus Boards!

Helping people build efficient work processes using modern digital work tools is our main focus at Brainworker AS. We are specialists on several productivity tools and in front of them all are IBM Connections Cloud.

Adoption, meaning making users enthusiastic, energize them and helping them work smarter and bec ome more productive is our game.

Game? Yes, we call it a game, because working with smart work tools should be fun and easy. That is why we are now teaming up with ISW – the leading developer of fun and engaging methods and technologies to make people and companies more productive.

Have a look at the video below. This is now what we will bring to our Scandinavian market – right after IBM Connect 2017 in San Fransisco is over.

Watch the video and let’s talk about how we can help your company and your employees get more done in less time – and get more out of your investment in IBM Connections.

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  1. I confirm this is a very good product that adds value to Connections. In Geno we have been using it for almost a year now, and more and more users are starting to like it. Leader group use Boards to administrate and follow up their meetings. Different departments use it to set up and follow up the yearly action plan. We use it for project planning and administering, and a lot more…
    Kudos Boards is supporting Geno’s vision: “Breeding for better lives” 🙂


    1. Thank You for your great reference. I also believe Kudos is a great tool for Connection users all over Scandinavia – which is why Brainworker now team up with them in our marketing efforts towards all Nordic markets.


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