No streaming from Connect 2017, IBM?

I have looked and I have looked, but I can not find any place on the internet to follow IBM Connect 2017 from San Fransisco. Not any live stream from General Opening Session at least. So, unless someone in the cyberspace tells me how I might follow the session via stream, I guess I will not be informed, inspired or skilled on any news around IBM’s collaboration platform this february.

Dear IBM;

When I was a young boy my parents told me ” If you forget your friends, they will surely forget about you”.

Have you forgotten me and all the other who find it far to expensive and troublesome to travel all the way to Donald Country. Are we remotely banned in any way?

Please set up a streaming and tell us where to find it!


  1. Thank You All!

    It bothers me that IBM does not do better marketing of the streaming possibility. You have to be an insider to know this. Are IBM only interested in insiders? What about marketing to potensial prospects?

    Well, thank you all for guiding me to the right place. It made my day!


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