David Allen uses IBM Notes for his GTD!

I guess you did not know that good old IBM Notes also is a GTD-tool and not only an email client. And the most surprising is that the inventor and founder of the GTD method, David Allen, uses IBM Notes in his company – with an overlay named eProductivity that makes IBM Notes into a GTD tool.

As a matter of fact, I used to have that overlay on my IBM Notes client too. Back in my first years as a Lotus Notes sales rep at IBM. I found it very useful, though a bit complex to use.

But, like IBM Notes, it’s still running out there among enthusiasts and also on David Allen’s desktop!

Here is the video where David tell about the apps he uses to Get Things Done:


  1. Thanks for sharing, Arne. I’m always amused at the look on people’s faces, first, when they find out that David Allen and I (and many others) use and Love Notes, and second (after they stop laughing) when they see what we can do with Notes and eProductivity. Too bad IBM has effectively sunset the product line. Sadly, it takes many products to duplicate the core functions that Notes did so well. Thankfully, there are many contenders and Microsoft is innovating with Office 365 as well. For those that still use Notes, eProductivity is a great solution. (Disclaimer: I am the creator of eProductivity. I developed it over many years while I was the CTO for David Allen.


    1. IBM Notes is not quite dead yet. They have announced that they will support it all the way to 2025 if I am not wrong informed. And yes, today I use at least five different applications to get the same things done that I used IBM Notes for. I am really considering installing it on my Mac’s again and connect it to my IBM Verse/Connections account which of course is partly based on good old IBM Domino (at least the email part). I sure would be nice to test out eProductivity again, but it does not quite match the new smooth design. Today I use IBM Connections/IBM Verse, Evernote, Box and Omnifocus. But if you ask me that is 3 – 4 applications too many.


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