Trump interfering the Swedish legal system

Again and again Donald Trump show his ignorance on culture and legal systems in true democratic countries. This time Sweden where an American pop-figure is jailed for street violence. The pop-figure is arrested and waiting for trial after Swedish law.

But the ignorant American president calls the Prime Minister of Sweden and offers to pay a bail for the pop icon. This is stupid as there is no such thing as a possibility to pay money to be released from jail while waiting for a trial.

Sweden, and my own country Norway, are true democratic countries where no one is above the law and where politicians has no power over the legal system, except when they make new laws.

Only countries that the American president call shit hole countries, allow their presidents to interfere and override the legal system. I hope Donald Trump will learn a lesson in close future.

By the way, the pop icon should be happy that this happened to him in Sweden and not at home. The American jail system is known for it’s inhuman treatment of their inmates, while Swedish, and Norwegian, jails are paradise according to foreigners who have served time there.