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Improve your IBM Connections Cloud with Kodus Boards!

Helping people build efficient work processes using modern digital work tools is our main focus at Brainworker AS. We are specialists on several productivity tools and in front of them all are IBM Connections Cloud.

Adoption, meaning making users enthusiastic, energize them and helping them work smarter and bec ome more productive is our game.

Game? Yes, we call it a game, because working with smart work tools should be fun and easy. That is why we are now teaming up with ISW – the leading developer of fun and engaging methods and technologies to make people and companies more productive.

Have a look at the video below. This is now what we will bring to our Scandinavian market – right after IBM Connect 2017 in San Fransisco is over.

Watch the video and let’s talk about how we can help your company and your employees get more done in less time – and get more out of your investment in IBM Connections.

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No streaming from Connect 2017, IBM?

I have looked and I have looked, but I can not find any place on the internet to follow IBM Connect 2017 from San Fransisco. Not any live stream from General Opening Session at least. So, unless someone in the cyberspace tells me how I might follow the session via stream, I guess I will not be informed, inspired or skilled on any news around IBM’s collaboration platform this february.

Dear IBM;

When I was a young boy my parents told me ” If you forget your friends, they will surely forget about you”.

Have you forgotten me and all the other who find it far to expensive and troublesome to travel all the way to Donald Country. Are we remotely banned in any way?

Please set up a streaming and tell us where to find it!

We are alive and kicking!

Brainworker 2.0 is now alive! Go to to have a look. Sorry if you do not understand Norwegian – it is directed to the Scandinavian market – and Scandinavians are able to read, speak and understand each others languages – exept the Finnish off course.

If you would like to read news and comments in English, please follow the blog you are now reading at If you like to read news and comments in Norwegian go to

If you like support with problems on any of the technologies we work with, please send a problem description and your contact info to and we will help you as fast as possible.

Here are some of the technolgies we work with:

IBM Domino, IBM Notes, IBM Verse, IBM Connections, IBM WebSphere, IBM XPages, Java, Javascript, html, xml, groovy, grails, Windows, Linux Ubuntu, MacOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Evernote Business, Box Business, Pipeliner CRM, ProjExec and WordPress – just to mention a few!


Brainworker 2.0 soon “On Air”

The time to release the new and updated version of my company “Brainworker” is getting closer. After I tripled my sales budget last year I had to rethink my strategy and plan for new growth. This has occupied my mind for the last three months and from 15th february Brainworker AS will be “on air” with a new norwegian website, new technical solutions, new services and a pool of top notch techie’s on board!

The Brainworkers as I prefer to call them has approximately 100 years of experience all together. These are higly skilled, highly experienced and certified consultants with loads of successful projects behind them.

Let me just list some of the skills they have:

IBM Domino, IBM Notes, IBM Connections, IBM Verse, IBM WebSphere, IBM Xpages, Java, Javascript, html, groovy, grails, Windows, Linux Ubuntu, MacOS, iOs, Android, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Evernote Business, Box Business, Pipeliner CRM, WordPress, MailJet, LinkedIn, Facebook, Asana, Twitter, SproutSocial, DirectMail for MacOS, ProjExec Live etc.

If you need help to solve problems with any of these technologies, please do not hesitate to contact our new Brainworker Support. You pay by the half hour and we only charge for de facto problem solving time. Please also use the same link to ask for a “ticket package” of 10 pre paid support hours and you get the 11th hour for free!

Our consept is built on the idea that we help people and businesses work smarter and increase their productivity. That is why we also sell solutions like IBM Connections, IBM Verse, Evernote Business, Box Business, Pipeliner CRM and ProjExec for IBM Connections.

We are authorized Business Partner and certified as consultants most of these solutions.

So, welcome to Brainworker 2.0 – and welcome to cick our tyres!


Work with the worlds best CRM through your Mobile or your Outlook email!

So You did not know that I also sell CRM-solutions? Well, yes off course I do! My aim is to help people and business work smarter and effectively to become more productive. So, off course I sell CRM solutions!

But not any CRM solution. I simply sell the best sales- and customer tool on the market – the solution that every professional sales rep and sales manager would simply love to get their hands on.

I sell Pipeliner CRM, which in my mind, and after 20 years of experience with many, many other “so-called CRM solutions” – are simply the worlds best work tool for good old sales reps that want to close orders and hunt for new prospects.

What I like about Pipeliner CRM? How much time do you have? I could go on for days and weeks about this. A few points here:

  • I love the Pipeliner CRM Web Clipper for Chrome. When I hunt for new business I use LinkedIn to find the perfect prospects for my kind of business. I hunt for CEO’s that want to increase their profit, I hunt for Sales Managers that want to close more business, I hunt for HR managers that want to make their people more productive and get more skill by sharing knowledge, I hunt for CFO’s that want more money in the bottom line!
  • I use the 30 DAY SALES MACHINE method to find the right leads and decision makers on LinkedIn. I use the Pipeliner CRM Web Clipper to get their profile info into Pipeliner CRM with a simple click!
  • I use Pipeliner CRM to send email and phone the prospects directly from the CRM solution – be it through the Pipeliner CRM desktop client, through the Pipeliner CRM Mobile client on my smart phone – or directly from my email – be it Outlook or Gmail with their Pipeliner CRM Add-In’s.

Wonder how it looks like? Check out this video showing how Pipeliner CRM and Microsoft Outlook just glues together like a hand in a glove – making your sales work simply better!

Did you like what you just saw? Want to kick some tyres? Go ahead and register yourself for a couple of weeks testing together with a handful colleagues.

Use the link below and I will give you ONE HOUR FREE online start up help – to make sure you get it up and running like you want it to!


Brainworker made Norwegian Local Goverment a World Wide IBM Reference!

When the local government “Hamarøy Kommune” in Nordland, Norway wanted to modernize their collaboration solutions, they contacted Brainworker.

We proposed to change the way they worked to improve their productivity. This by adapt new and modern technology for social collaboration both internally and externally.

They chose IBM Connections Cloud which is Brainworkers speciality and this is now the new totally integrated work tool for all 200 employees in the small local government.


Hamarøy Kommune is now an official reference for IBM world wide and is a typical example on how a local goverment can both improve their productivity and save cost at the same time.

The IT-manager, Sverre Tor Olsen says:

“The migration to the cloud was one of the easiest projects I have done—the entire process went very smoothly,” recalls Olsen. “All our users kept their old mailboxes, and IBM provided the support and guidance we needed every step of the way.

“Our IBM consultant* was extremely helpful, and delivered the guidance we needed to get up and running quickly. We adopted the ‘train the trainer’ model, and ran a short session to train 15 superusers from across the municipality, who in turn trained their peers. IBM Connections Cloud is extremely intuitive from a user interface perspective, and we were impressed by how easy it was for our people to make the switch.”

* The whole project (licenses, migration services and user training) was delivered by Brainworker’s consultants with our background and competence from decades within IBM.

“Without a doubt, our new approach to working is saving us substantial time on travel,” continues Olsen. “Capabilities such as collaborative document editing make it far easier for people across the organization to work together. In the IT department alone, we estimate that we are saving 12 person-days per year simply because we no longer need to travel out on site to assist users with issues such as logging in or resetting their passwords; we can administer everything from the cloud.”

Read more here!