Lotusphere 2012: A look in the back mirror

While I was cleaning up my Evernote today I found these thoughts from 2012. After more than 15 years with Lotus and IBM I have only two years left until I will be an IBM retire (but still working as a Social Business consultant I guess). I really look forward to the two years ahead because there are som much fun and so much inspiring developments going on in the world of social collaboration and social business. I have already got myself a private account with IBM Connections Cloud S1 and IBM Verse and I am one hundred percent assured that we are moving in the right direction! But at the same time I know I will miss all the fun and all the inspiring colleagues that has become personal friends for life.
Read my thoughts from 2012 and you will understand that a lot of that has already happened!
Lotusphere 2012:
Alone we are only popping champagne corks. Together we are dynamite!

NORWAY: – This is the second year in a row that I don’t participate at Lotusphere. Being a guy who breeds and bleeds yellow and have been working for Lotus for 15 years, I have to admit: It feels like being a small boy who has been left alone at home when the rest of the family goes on holiday. It feels lonely, it feels heartbreaking. But, someone has to stay at home and take care of the house, watering the flowers and feed the cat. And someone has to stay at home defending the fortress!

Lotusphere is a fantastic event. Thousands and thousands of people from all over the world gathers around one common interest; social collaboration. Not only are they interested in the technology – they are practically performing social collaboration live! They mingle, talk, laugh, change information, teach and learn, build new skills, meet new friends, meet old friends. People from all over the world, of all colors, all religions, all political standpoints, all cultures, all food preferences – they are all different, but they are all alike in some way – they are positive, peaceful, friendly and open! Lotusphere is a great place to be. Sometimes I think that the rest of the troubled world could learn something from the “Lotusphere Nation” – that collaborating socially makes the world a better place.
In january 2010 i participated at Lotusphere registered on IBM’s blogger quota. I blogged heavily during the Opening General Session, simultaneously. After three days I had posted nearly 50 articles from the event. Not only short news bits and comments, but interviews and full reports with pictures – like any web based news agency. That got me more than 7.000 readers – not bad when writing in Norwegian only with only 4,5 million Norwegians.
The year after I as not there, but blogged from my home office, following OGS especially and Lotusphere in general via the internet. I can assure you the result was not the same. The number of readers fell to 4.500 people. This tells me one thing, that I learned in my earlier days as a professional journalist – you have to stay close to the source!
Watching the streaming – often with technical problems and bad sound – will never be as good as being there. You never get the same feeling of togetherness as you do in that people packed conference hall. You never hear the summing, the comments, the intense nerve that is in the air. You never get the same inspiration via the internet. Being there is what rules.
Especially I will miss all the demo’s. Seeing is believing! I have more than a hunch on what will be announced, what the trend and the roadmap will be. If you are more than interested you will understand what has to come, without knowing all the facts in detail. You know that integration of social abilities and functions will be everywhere. You know that there will be more open technology. These are all technical stuff that many traditional Lotusphere-geeks are looking forward to. But for me, who is not a techie and has been working as a journalist and personal productivity adviser in my earlier career – the most interesting thing will be to see the new way of working!
You will see that the old way of working in silo’s will slowly disappear and transformed into a horizontal way of working. And the possibility to connect to other people will be integrated everywhere. We will see that everything is connected, people, documents, places – and there will be many ways to connect.
My thoughts goes back to that fantastic event when CNN’s founder, Ted Turner, set up a direct TV link between USA and USSR. He let ordinary americans talk to ordinary russians. For a young man like me at that time it became a learning for life. These people who has so very different lives and economic standards, suddenly understood that they all had the same worries and the same feelings about what life is all about. That TV show was imperative for my choose of a personal life agenda – and made me understand that social collaboration is what makes the world go forward.
Alone we are only popping champagne corks. Together we are dynamite!
Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen

Sorry for any inconvenience: I am testing new layouts and fonts…

These days I am experimenting with new layouts and new fonts for my blog. I feel it need a little shake up now and then. I have tested som new templates, but it seems I always end of with the same good old one after a while.

As a former magazine editor I like the magazine look best, but I do not seem to find a template that is exactly how I want it, and my skills are not at a leve were I can design my own look in WordPress. So bear with me for a while when I am experimenting. At least it could be a nice surprise to have a new design every time you log on!

Chilling out with the boys – recharging the batteries for 2014

Recharging ones “batteries” before starting up work in january is very important. I am one of those lucky guys who have the worlds most effective chargers! The cat “Tiger Boy” and the dog “Charlie”!

Recharging batteries with Tiger Boy and Charlie.

Recharging batteries with Tiger Boy and Charlie.

Those two are my brothers in (my) arms and help me lower my heart rate, like you see in this picture! Just think about it – a cat and a dog that are the worlds best friends! They play together, sleep together, walk together and lick each others wounds when hurt. I wish the whole world was like these two guys!

And now they help me recharge my batteries and get new energy before the big travel month starts! First two days in Bergen, Norway for a Business Partner Training and a Customer Event. Then a hit and run in Copenhagen, Denmark to talk about “Social Business 2.0” at an IDC event. And then nearly two weeks in Orlando, Florida for Connect 2014 and an IBM internal education event. Back in normal pace again in february!

2013: The Happy Old Year when this blog filled the Sydney Opera House 16 times!

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 44,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 16 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

In 2013, there were 178 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 2,013 posts. There were 95 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 31 MB. That’s about 2 pictures per week. The busiest day of the year was July 8th with 830 views. The most popular post that day was Where is the business case in changing email system?. The readers of The Nielsen Chronicle came from 135 countries during the passed year. Most of them came from USA, Norway and Germany. The most commented post was in 2013 was Danish company dropped Office 365 for IBM SmartCloud.

So, what will happen in 2014?

Well, that is partly for YOU to decide. I have written this blog for many, many years now – all since I ran it on my own server under my desk and used Lotus Quickr as the blog platform. Later I moved it to Blogspot and from there to where it is now, WordPress. What has kept me going all these years are YOU, my readers. Without readers blogging is just like a private diary – a personal and private therapist – which I don’t need. I have another application for that.

It is all about the dialogue with the readers. I learned that many years ago when I was a journalist in a local newspaper in the middle of Norway. – It’s all about the readers, my editor told me. – Make them glad, make them angry, but never, never bore them, he said. And since then I have tried to followed that rule through my career within in news media, weekly magazines and a chief editor and in the books I have written.

So, I hope I have not bored you, my dear blog readers, during these years. If I made you smile or cry out in anger, then I have succeeded. Then I have moved you. And moving people is what moves the world ahead.

Dear reader! Thank You for following my blog. Thank You for linking it, referring to it, copy from it, talking about it, forwarding it, tweeting about it – all this is what brings my blog forward. Please go on doing so in 2014. Ad do not forget to send me news tips, ideas on what you think I should write more about. Or what I should NOT write about. And do not hesitate to comment!

I wish you all a Happy New Year! May the force be with you!





Quitting Facebook: As easy as stop smoking!

UnknownYes, I have finally left Facebook. And this time it is forever!

Many, many years ago I stopped smoking. From one day to the next day I went from 40 daily Marlboro’s to none. I even stopped smoking cigars. And it was much easier than I have feared.

At my first non-smoking day I did not say “I have stopped smoking” like most people do and that way keep one fort in the history of having been a smoker. What I responded when people offered me a cigarette was:

– No thank you. I don’t smoke!

By saying this I programmed myself as a non smoker, instead of being a former smoker. See the difference? I made it easier for myself. I established a fact, and cut all strings to history.

Now, I have done the same with Facebook! After having tried several times to quit Facebook, struggled with the “Facebook Abstinence” and fallen back into it – I decided to do it the same way I stopped smoking.

So when people ask me if I am on Facebook I don’t tell them I quit Facebook. I just say “No, I am not on Facebook”. And when they ask me why, I just tell them the truth:  That I believe Facebook is as addictive as smoking and not good for my health.

So, what do I mean about that?

Facebook irritates me! There is so much unimportant content there, so much stupid information (bullshit) and so much undercover propaganda and unwanted advertizing that I do not want to stay on Facebook anymore! Sometimes Facebook has made me really angry and depressed. Garbage in – Garbage out! I do not want to pollute my brain!

There are two ways to handle this: Fight or Flight!

I have tried to fight it without success – so to me flight has been the best option. And do you know what? I have not missed it for a second!

I have not even missed following my own children on Facebook. Instead we share pictures of our pets, children and grand children in our closed and private cloud. And we talk on Facetime or on the phone – or in real life. That is a more personal way to communicate!

Also I don’t have to be informed of whatever likes that everybody makes, nor do I have to be informed every time someone I know enters an airplane, eats in a restaurant, got new curtains at home or bullies some politician.

So, I am not on Facebook. Instead I read real books, have real talks, have a real life with real people.

My virtual life is gone. My real life is back! And it feels sooo good!

Now: What about you? Share your story!

Nokia and Microsoft has reinvented the Microphone!

Can two losers really win? That is the question the Norwegian news web Digi.no asks in a comment after it become known that Microsoft has bought Nokia’s mobile division.

The transaction is said to make Nokia investors pop the champagne corks as they now got rid of their biggest headache for the last decade. The stocks climbed immediately up the value ladder after the news spread.

According to digi.no Microsoft had no alternative. They had to my the mobile division or let their mobile business die. What seemed to be a happy and loving marriage at the start now seemed to fall apart. And it did. Microsoft ad to bite into the rotten apple and in fact swallow the whole apple.

Nokia never managed to adapt to the fast moving mobile market which took the speed of a rocket when Apple introduced smart phones and was followed by Google’s Android phones.

Microsoft, who have put all their eggs in the Windows basket, as the only platform they supported both for PC and handhelds, had to see the PC-market fall apart while end-users moved from desktops and laptops to handheld devices.

Microsoft was the king. Microsoft was on the top of the mountain and ruled the world with great success. That became their biggest problem. They did not dare to change and adapt due to the great penetration they had in the market. Success can become your biggest enemy!

Now the question is whether Microsoft did this move too late. Question is if two losers can make one winner.

I doubt it.

Are you a road warrior? Share your experiences!

Are you one of those road warriors? One of those more or less continously travelling in your job?

Then you have a lot of experience to share with my readers! Send me a photo of yourself, a photo of your travel equipment and a description of your job, and your best tips and experiences on how to do your travel as comfortable and productive as possible!

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