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Evernote comes to iMessage!

I am really happy about what’s coming to Messages. With the introduction of the App Store for iMessage in iOS 10, you can do more with messaging than ever before. Now, that includes sharing a copy of a note from Evernote with anyone else using iMessage, without leaving the Messages app. Launch Evernote for iMessage, search your notes, and select the one you want to send. Evernote for iMessage lets you share notes with other iMessage users. If your recipient already has Evernote, the link will open right in the iMessage app.This is a perfect way to send meeting and project details, reminders, class notes, or anything you want to share on the go.

Once you’ve upgraded to iOS 10, be sure to also download Evernote 7.17 to take full advantage of all the advancements, updates, and improvements Evernote has been working on to ensure your notes are always easy to write, search, find, and share.

Update to version 7.17 today!

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Evernote comes to Windows Store, Edge and Outlook app!

Congratulations to all Windows fans! Now Evernote comes to your devices so you might enjoy the most fantastic work tool we Mac-users have enjoyed for years!

windows-tag-styleEvernote for Windows received a major upgrade recently, and announce that the latest update is being made available in the Windows Store. This full-featured version of Evernote replaces Evernote Touch, a companion app that offered only a limited view of what Evernote can do. If you’re currently using Evernote Touch, updating to the full version of Evernote for Windows will allow you to take advantage of all the best features of Evernote on your Windows 10 devices.

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Why I became an Evernote Certified Consultant

For the last 16 years I have been working professionally with IBM’s collaboration software. Fantastic software solutions like IBM Domino and IBM Notes (in the earliest of the 16 years) and then the new generation of collaborative solutions like IBM Connections Cloud (the social intranet) and IBM Verse (the social intelligent email). I still use, sell and do adoption projects on IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse. Very much so!

But privately I have been using Evernote Premium for my research work. I have more than 4.000 notes in my Evernote. These are notes, meeting minutes, web clippings, scanned dokuments like contracts, letters, invoices and presentations. One of the things I like best is that I can move a document made with Apples document editor, Pages, Numbers, Keynote or any other format of editor, spreadsheet or presentation viewer. I can open them right there within Evernote, edit them save them and the new version is still in Evernote.

I also love that I can do the same thing with any of my handheld devices being it an iPad or an iPhone or any other Android device.

Students love Evernote!

For those of you who do not need a total collaboration solution with all the functions in IBM Connections Cloud, Evernote is a great solution! I have now got Evernote Business which allows to have more users sharing a business area with my Evernote clients. In the Evernote Business work space I can share and work with my consultants (I have a pool of 5-6 technical people who are among Norways best on collaboration, document sharing and social business – mostly specialists on IBM technologies). The Evernote Certified Consultant is me.

Why did I choose to become a Evernote Certified Consultant? First because I love the solution. Second because I have many years of experience with Evernote. Third because there is a great potential in helping people get their full use of Evernote. And fourth because there were only one Evernote Certified Consultant until now. I am the second and I will operate all over Scandinavia.

Through august I will do marketing activities on my Evernote consulting both in my blogs (this and my Norwegian blog http://www.brainworker.no) and social media. I will invite to webinars and seminars – and also do presentations.

If you would like more information on Evernote and what services I can offer you please register here! I will come back to you as soon as possible. Also if you want to get your own Evernote account or upgrade your existing account, please contact me!