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IBM still the leader within Collaboration for Enterprise!

Say what you want! Mean what you want! But analysts still point at good old IBM when ranking social networks and collaboration for enterprise.

Here is what leading industry analysts say about IBM collaboration solutions:



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New enhancements in IBM Connections Cloud coming up!

Expectations are growing as the countdown to IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando has started. Some of the news on what is coming i IBM Connections Cloud are already out (source IBM):

Verse Mobile Updates
While in other iOS applications, Verse is now a selectable mail
application for sending pictures, file attachments, URL links, and more.

On Android, calendar events processed when using the application
offline are now immediately reflected in the Verse application calendar. No more waiting for a sync to complete.

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention
Stay up to date with things that require your attention and response.
The new notification center in the navigation bar increases your
awareness less disruptively. See alerts with a single click – no matter
where you are in the service. Allows you stay on track or swiftly shift
gears depending on what is required at the moment.

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention

Leverage third-party apps to maximize value of Communities
Community owners can add third-party apps to Communities. A new
extension point opens up the possibilities for Independent Software
Vendors (ISVs) to create apps for Communities. Developers can now write custom responsive apps that can be surfaced within Communities.
Community owners don’t have to do anything different from what they do today. As soon as a new third party app has been approved by the administrator, it’ll be available for all community owners of that organization

Organize your files with nested folders
Now you can create nested folders to organize your content in a
familiar hierarchy. You can create sub-folders within folders to give
your content a structure that makes it easier for you and other users to manage content. For both My Files and Community Files , you can build a hierarchy of folders with tree-navigation on the side of the Connections Files page.

Use nested folders to organize your folders and files the way you want.

Nested folders are also supported in the Connections Mobile app and in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows and the IBM Connections Plugin for Microsoft Outlook when syncing your offline files with Connections Files in the cloud. Note : Syncing of folders is coming in the future

Drag and drop support added on Microsoft Windows
Also new in January is the ability to drag and drop files from the Windows desktop directly to an IBM Connections folder in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows .

Improved user experience working with files
The sidebar is now resizable and labels have replaced the icons on
the tabs making it easier to navigate and view information and comments.

File controls are neatly clustered around the resizeable sidebar for convenience. Clear labels for Comments, Sharing, Versions, and About replace icons on each tab.


Enablement to help new users get started
A guided tour for new users has also been added to provide an overview of Connections Docs.

Additional browser support and other enhancements
Enhancements have been made to the editors including adding support for Apple Safari 9 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

New browser and operating system support
Connections Meeting and Chat are now supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox on Microsoft Windows 10. For the complete list of browsers and operating systems supported, see IBM Connections Cloud system requirements .

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If you need a new CRM-solution – talk to me!

People who know me well knows that social collaboration and personal effectiveness is close to my heart. And what immediately gets into their minds are IBM Social Collaboration tools like good old IBM Domino and IBM Notes – an off course IBM Connections.

But, there is also a new technology that I have started to promote, evangelize, sell and implement – as well as giving advice and user education. And that is CRM!

In my earlier life as a consultant and writer I wrote quite a few books and article series about Sales, Marketing and Personal Productivity. And sales – even as a freelance writer – has always been part of me.

So when I started up my new consulting business in july this year, I needed a new CRM-solution to help me drive my prospecting and sales. And I found my new love – Pipeliner CRM.

I have used a lot of CRM-solutions through all my years in business. Only in IBM I have been through at least four different systems as they never seemed to be good enough for that big company.

All of the systems I have used have been boring, complex and time consuming. Stealing my active sales time.

Pipeliner CRM is totally different. It is the worlds most visual CRM-solution ever. It turns traditional CRM-thinking upside down. It is the first CRM-solution that also is social in the way that it tracks every move and every post your prospects and customers are making in the social media.

And the reports it generates! Wow! Forget about dead and boring spreadsheets! Reports in Pipeliner CRM are all my visual dreams coming alive!

Off course it’s a cloud solution. Off course there is an open API. Off course you may make your special sales processes they way you want them. Off course it’s also on handhelds.

And off course I have integrated it with my IBM Verse and my IBM Connections Cloud account.

You really should kick the tires! And here is the link to your 30 day free trial account for you and a handful of your sales reps.

Register today and give it a spin! You’ll be amazed!

Read more about my company Brainworker AS and Pipeliner CRM here!

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They could get everything included, but still they pay millions developing what they hope to become a social intranet!

Companies developing interactive intranets often believe they have to develop everything themselves or using consultants. They spend millions on making their intranets do what they want them to do.

Far too often these are millions they could have used better if they were only willing to listen to others than their usual vendor. Or have the guts to look at other platforms than the usual one. The one they choose «because everyone else use it».

Well, that «everyone» else are using a platform does not mean it is the best platform for you. And, if you want to be different from your competitors, you have to do things differently.

Or, as a participant at a presentation I did on IBM Notes many years ago said to me:

– But, Arne, IBM Notes is not a market leader!

And I asked him:

– What car do you drive?

– BMW, he replied.

– But that is not a market leader in this country. Toyota is. Why did you choose BMW?

– Because it’s the best, he said.

– Exactly, I replied with a big smile on my face.

So where do I want to go with this little story? Well, first of all to make you understand that going where «everybody» else go is not neccessary the right thing for you.

Next, to make you understand that you can get a better intranett by choosing another intranet platform than «the others» do. And thus saving millions in getting there.

The Norwegian blogger, writer, photographer and intranet specialist, Hogne Pettersen, has published a great article about this. Absolutely worth reading. Here it is!

PS! I did not mention what «everybody» tend to choose because of their fear to be different, but I guess you get it anyway.

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If you feel email is boring – have a look at this!

– I hate email! The more email I get the more I hate it. It kills my personal productivity. It is so boring and old fashioned!

Is this what you feel about good old email? I used to feel that myself wether it was Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or any other ordinary email client. Even IBM Notes was a little boring although it was the best I had tried so far.

But then IBM Verse came along. Not only doing the email stuff, but working as my personal assistant as well. In my new company everything is based on cloud. Email (IBM Verse), Intranet/Extranet/Files/Archiving/Web-meetings/Projects/Chat etc. (IBM Connections Cloud), and e-conomy (bookkeeping and invoicing). For personal use I have Evernote (web clipping and personal notes) and Omnifocus (to-do’s and personal projects).

IBM Verse has totally changed the way I work with email and is totally integrated with all the other functions in IBM Connections. Actually that is all I need to run my business. The combination of IBM Verse and IBM Connections Cloud is the perfect tool for a startup like my company Brainworker. It has everything I need – even office productivity tools.

Now, have a look at the video below and I am sure you will be convinced it is worth the monthly prize per user (one pint of beer a month – norwegian prices). Cheers!

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Group Dynamics – a resource for business or just a dog’s life?

UnknownInteraction, collaboration, being a part of the pack. That is what it is all about when we come to discussions of implementing the Social Business Philosophy in our organizations. It is all about the individuals and how they interact on the group.

I have been so lucky that I have taken care of three dogs the last weeks. One of them is my own dachs Charlie, the other two are my sisters dachs Emmy and my step daughters dachs puppy Mia. Three totally different individuals with different personalities, social skills, energy levels and different focus.

It has been a pleasure to study the group dynamics when they walk together, feed, play and sleep. Emmy being a loner holding back when the other two plays, sleeping in her own cave most of the night except for an hour each night when she jumps into my bed, where my own dog Charlie always sleeps.

I have also been watching her walk around Charlies food tray after she has finished her own meal, waiting for him to go so she can jump in to feed on what he has left behind. He is a slow feeder, but he protects his food. She waits in respectful distance after having done some stunts forward before he was finished. He gave her some really explicit warnings!

The young one, Mia, is like most kids trying to stretch her limits all the time. Full of energy and guts, but lacking the experiences and wisdom that comes with age and routines.

I also watch them while we go walking, both on the pavements and in the woods. I see how they change their position in the pack depending on the situation. Meeting other dogs Charlie takes the lead and walks up front from his usual position in the back where he makes sure the other two is moving in the right direction. Mia, the youngster, normally takes lead on the pavements, while Emmy keeps in the middle and stays close to me.

Walking in the woods then, they suddenly take more individual positions, but stay together within a circle of 2 – 3 meters, and follow my walking speed. Except when they find some exiting spot to smell.

Why do I write about dogs when I want to discuss group dynamics? Well, I see a lot of similar group dynamics between people. Some are leaders and moves ahead overloaded with energy and eagerness, but too often without the wisdom and personal insight that – hopefully – more experienced people have.

Motivation, motivation, motivation. You must make them want to work in a different way than they used to.
Motivation, motivation, motivation. You must make them want to work in a different way than they used to.

When doing adoption of social business work methods in organizations I see the same patterns of my pack’s group dynamic. Some understand why they should change working behavior and learns fast and move ahead a bit bored because the other participants are slower. Others are falling a bit behind and don’t seem to keep up in the skill development. They need to repeat and repeat to make sure they understand not only how but why they should do so and so.

Those in the middle partly understand how and why, but really needs to understand and accept what is in it for them. What is the reason and what will they personally achieve by changing work behavior and use a new collaboration technology.

My job, in both cases, both the dogs and the people, is to respect their individuality, to let them use their individual personalities, their strongest skills and channel it to become a resource and a power for the whole group – the pack.

Seeing how this group dynamic creates a solid and powerful unit walking in the same direction and towards the same goal – is probably the most exciting experiences both professionally and personal. Especially when that inner feeling of value, meaning and being part of something bigger than myself begins to take over and we all become a massive and powerful, energized unit moving forward – then you feel unbeatable.

This is part of what I define as Social Business.