A great solution for device charging, but do I need it?

How much spaghetti do you have at home? No, I do not mean you kitchen drawer, I mean USB cables you need to charge all your devices. Ever got tired of all those cables and the chaos it makes? I did.C4D72A02-CA07-477D-8912-95275B2BDA4D

That is why i really smiled when I saw this charging device on the internet. It is a Kinkoo 40 W 6-port High Speed Charger. The producer says it is the fastest and smartest way to charge all your USB-capable devices at once.

Here is what they say:

It’s time for a power upgrade— throw out that tired-out power strip and swap in this family-size USB charger, packed with 6 high-speed ports. With a built-in control chip, Kinkoo optimizes each port to ensure the fastest charging possible for all your devices. The Kinkoo is made from high-grade and durable materials so you can rest assured it will continue to power your devices for years to come.

  • Made with quality, industry -grade materials & premium circuitry
  • Charges 6 USB devices at a consistent high speed
  • Contains an intelligent chip that detects your device & selects optimal charging speed
  • Indicates when it’s ready for use w/ blue LED
  • Charges up to 85% faster than conventional chargers
  • Compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices
  • Designed for US and international voltages (100-240v)
  • Certified w/ CE, FCC and RoHS, enduring complete safety

It used to cost $ 50, but they sell it for $ 35 which tell me they are not selling like crazy. I gave it a thought and calculated what it would cost me with fright and customs. It would have tripled the price!

So, I looked in my drawers where I tend to keep a lot of devices, cables and stuff that I do not use. And you can see the result on the pictures below. I freed up a shelf in my book cabinet in my home office and mounted a “plank” with 10 power outlets  under the shelf. I plugged in all my spare chargers into the outlets and spread some self adhesive cable hooks on the shelf (some of them can handle more than one cable depending on how thick they are). And then I plugged in alle the USB cables I needed for my devices. The shelf below the charging shelf is now a store for devices and other stuff I need.

The cost? Zip, Zap, Zero dollars!

It look pretty nice and tidy, doesn’t it?
Quite easy access to other stuff on the shelf below the charging shelf.
Yes I know the cabling could have been done nicer, but after all no one sees it when the cabinet door i shut. Only the charging shelf has a window.
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Lot’s of cool plugins for IBM Sametime!

Looking for some cool and practical plugins for your IBM Sametime? If you don’t want to make them yourself there is a lot of stuff to download from the internet. Epilio is one of the company’s that offer even free goodies!

Take a look at the screenshot below to get a clue of what is available for free download from Epilio. Then go to this link if you want to download any of them. Note that I have not tested any of them, yet!

Skjermbilde 2013-07-10 kl. 10.04.19

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IBM Connections App is updated

There is a new update in the Apple Appstore for those of you using IBM Connections on your iPad. The new version number is 4.2.0 and was distributed yesterday, 28th June 2013.

Here is some of the new stuff in the app:

  • Support for two factor authentication ussing clients certificates
  • Viewing and editing tags for a person’s profile
  • View description and background information for a person’s profile
  • View Peoples contacts for SmartCloud
  • Support for action required in activity streams
  • Support for community folders
  • Improvements to updating activities, blog entries and wikis comments
  • View Organizational Communities on SmartCloud
  • Improvements to switching between files and folder views
  • Improvements for downloading and viewing files
  • Performance and stability improvements

Be aware that future updates of the app will require iOS 6 or higher. Only devices that support iOS 6 or higher will be supported by the app.

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Activity streams – now also in IBM WebSphere Portal


Activities, not email, is what makes your company grow. That is why it is so important to keep track of the company’s and your personal activities – to get things done! That is also why Activity Streams are of such vital importance in IBM’s social collaboration platform, IBM Connections 4.5.

Now IBM brings the activity stream functionality also into company portals. It brings  the Activity Stream experience from IBM Connections into portal – this means you can surface the microblogging capability of IBM Connections in the portal, including @-mentions !

OpenSocial Embedded Experiences are now available in Portal and there is done enhancements to support ideation. With this release, there are now 13 portlets that bring the power of social to the portal making it extremely easy to socialize an existing site. There is support for Portal CF4 and IBM Connections 4.5.

Source: Luis Benitez

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Problems with embedded SlideShare

Dear Reader!

Today I have observed that my embedded SlideShare presentations are not displayed as they should be on my blog. I am trying to solve the problem, but have not succeeded to find the reason, nor fix it, at the moment.

If any of my readers have a solution, please share!

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IBM Notes 8.5.3 er klar for nedlasting – nye funksjoner!

Nå er siste versjon av IBM Notes klar for nedlasting for kunder og partnere. Versjonen inneholder en god del nyheter som du kan lese mer om i releasedokumentet her.

Jeg har allerede benyttet den i betaversjon noen måneder og er veldig fornøyd. Oppgraderingene har gått veldig fint. Faktisk benytter jeg ennå den siste releasekandidaten som har funket helt uten feil. Tror ikke det er mange forskjellene på den og den GOLD-versjonen som nå er releaset.

Med den nye lisensen følger retten til å installere og integrere Connections Profiles og Connections Files! Med andre ord er ikke dette bare en epost- og databaseklient, men også et fullverdig sosialt verktøy! Se de nye funksjonene!

Her er de versjonene som nå er tilgjengelige for nedlasting:

Gold builds for Notes and Domino 8.5.3:
– Expeditor: XPD6.2.3_20110915.1350
– Sametime: STCC8.5.1_N853_20110812.1126
– Symphony – Sym3_3.0N853_20110822.1305
– DSI: DSI8.5.3_20110915.2025
– C++ – Build – V853_09152011
– WCT8.5.3_20110916.0921 / WCL8.5.3_20110916.1645

Gold Builds for Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3:

– Server: 20110913_1037
– Apple profile: updated from gold server build
– Windows Mobile Client: 20110831_1438
– Nokia Client: 20110825_2106

Her laster du ned:

Kunder med gyldig Passport Advantage avtale:

Business Partnere som er gyldig medlem av PartnerWorld:

Du kan lese mer om IBM Notes 8.5.3 på Ed Brills blogg der du også finner en rekke linker til lisensregler og dokumentasjon av forskjellig slag. Ed Brill er produkt- og utviklingssjef for IBM Notes og IBM Symphony produktene.

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Ny Notes-plugin for Connections 3.0

Det er nå kommet en ny plugin for IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 som du kan installere i din Lotus Notes-klient. Her er noen av funksjonene:

  • Laste opp filer for eget bruk eller deling med andre
  • Dra og slipp en fil fra desktopen eller hektet på en Notes-epost til filarkivet i Connections
  • Send en link til en fil
  • Søke etter filer
  • Sortere filer for enklere browsing
  • Åpne Lotus Connections-filer i en nettleser

Den nye plugin støtter følgende:

  • Lotus Connections 2.5 (latest fixpack)
  • Lotus Connections 3.0
  • Lotus Notes 8.5.1 FP5
  • Lotus Notes 8.5.2

Du kan laste ned plugin her! NB! Denn versjonen er kun for Windows. Det jobbes med plugin for Mac OSX og Linux.

Klikk på bildet for å laste ned plugin.