If you feel email is boring – have a look at this!

– I hate email! The more email I get the more I hate it. It kills my personal productivity. It is so boring and old fashioned!

Is this what you feel about good old email? I used to feel that myself wether it was Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or any other ordinary email client. Even IBM Notes was a little boring although it was the best I had tried so far.

But then IBM Verse came along. Not only doing the email stuff, but working as my personal assistant as well. In my new company everything is based on cloud. Email (IBM Verse), Intranet/Extranet/Files/Archiving/Web-meetings/Projects/Chat etc. (IBM Connections Cloud), and e-conomy (bookkeeping and invoicing). For personal use I have Evernote (web clipping and personal notes) and Omnifocus (to-do’s and personal projects).

IBM Verse has totally changed the way I work with email and is totally integrated with all the other functions in IBM Connections. Actually that is all I need to run my business. The combination of IBM Verse and IBM Connections Cloud is the perfect tool for a startup like my company Brainworker. It has everything I need – even office productivity tools.

Now, have a look at the video below and I am sure you will be convinced it is worth the monthly prize per user (one pint of beer a month – norwegian prices). Cheers!

Video: What does IBM Verse look like on a mobile phone?

– Cloud and mobile first, says IBM when they are revealing their plans for their new way to work with email. And that is what it really is all about – working with email in a more modern and productive way. And for those of us who have made a deep dive into this new tool from Big Blue, it is really true: This will change everything we have thought of email earlier.

And for those of us who are remote workers, always on the move and have our office between our ears and not on a physical spot, it is fascinating to see how our work will be effectively done on a handheld device!

Video: Email confessions and wishes!

I am sure you have a lot of funny stories about your own and others “abuse” of email. Like sending a frustrated email to the wrong person or clicking the replay to all button. You may also have experienced sending confidential emails to a list of unknown email addresses? We have all done those blunders one in a while. That is why we want some new functionalities on our email systems. That is why we want a #NewWayToWork!


Here is how you will work in the near future!

Here is the demo you have been waiting for. IBM Verse is the new way to work. It is the tool that makes your work day a dream. Yes, the voice over says “Mail Next”. But that was the codename for what is now called IBM Verge.

Video: IBM CAI Social Capabilities Study

Most organizations recognize the potential of social technologies, but many don’t know where to start or how to advance their goals. Only 20% believe their organization is currently acting truly social. 

How are the pioneers evolving? By going after their goals – with a group of capabilities at a time. We call these groups social ambitions.