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20121212-SN-Arne-0049 Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen

Social Business and Personal Productivity Specialist: Ask me if you want your company’s knowledge workers to increase their productivity by implementing a new way to work with Social Collaboration and Social CRM!

My background is best described in my profile on LinkedIn.

I started my career within collaboration and social business 19. February 1999. That was my first working day with Lotus Development Norway AS. My job role was as a Business Development Manager – working with our Norwegian Business Partners.

At that time Lotus was a 100 % owned daughter company of IBM. I also became the first Norwegian Lotus employee to integrate with IBM Software Group. My job was to establish a Business Partner Channel for IBM Software Group.

Most people in the Norwegian Lotus Community (today the social collaboration and social business community), both Business Partners and Customers, will know me as a strongly engaged collaboration and a social business enthusiast. Some people called me Mr. Lotus those days. Lter on they called me The Social Business Evangelist. It might not be that extreme, but I do have a big bouncing heart for collaboration and interaction between people, and the fantastic technologies that makes this possible.

Others, who also know me privately, will know me as a loving father to my four grown up children, my step daughter and my five six grandchildren, my wife and our cat. And off course my best friend Charlie – our dog.

When time allows late summer, I go fishing (fly fishing only) with good friends from the social collaboration community. And I love to get away with my wife to southern shores, often around the Mediteranean, for the sun, the food, the culture and the people. Maybe it is the few french drops of blood in my veins that make me feel like a latin.

My professional bacground is from various jobs within journalism and photography – newspapers, magazines and weeklies. I also have worked as a consultant within information/PR and as an advisor on strategy, employee development and personal productivity.

I have also written and published books about sales, marketing, key account management and published article series, video manuscripts and training material around the same themes. See my LinkedIn profile for details.

And not to forget my four years with electronic communications in the Norwegian Armed Forces. But most of my professional time I have now spent with sales, marketing and business development in the IT business.

Nowadays I use most of my time evangelizing Social Business and the New Way To Work in the Nordic countries and help businesses adopt the social business strategy. I do a lot of customer meetings, works shops, key note presentations at conferences, live demonstrations of the solutions – and strategic coaching for top management.

Update 30th June 2015: I have today retired from IBM!

Update 1st July 2015: I have started my own company, Brainworker AS!

Update spring 2019: I have been named IBM Champion 2019!

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