OnTime Gruppekalender med ny versjon for Microsoft! (video)


Så er den kommet! Nå kan du laste ned den aller siste versjonen av OnTime Group Calendar for Microsoft versjon 2.7.

Den nye versjonen kommer med en helt ny funksjon som gjør det utrolig enkelt og effektivt å finne felles ledig tid for møtedeltakere. Funksjonen har fått navnet OnTime Pollarity og sparer brukerne for mye tid til å finne tidspunkter da alle møtedeltakere har ledig tid. Det du tidligere måtte gjøre manuelt i din Outlook kalender, skjer nå nesten helt automatisk.

Denne funksjonen har allerede vært implementert i IBM-versjonen et halvt års tid, men nå kan også brukere av Microsoft Outlook glede seg over denne smarte løsningen.

Nytt er også at Microsoft-brukerne nå kan synliggjøre sin kontortid i kalenderen og i motsetning til Outlook kan man differensiere mellom ukedagene og også vise ledige pauser.

OnTime Pollarity hjelper dine medarbeidere å redusere tiden de bruker til å finne et egnet møtetidspunkt som passer for flere. Dette oppnår man ved at løsningen sender ut en automatisk spørring til møtedeltakerne før det sendes ut en endelig innkalling enten det er eksterne eller interne møtedeltakere.

Prosessen er uhyre enkel:

  1. Man registrerer en spørring med alternative møtetidspunkter.
  2. Spørringen sendes ut til de inviterte.
  3. Den som har sendt ut spørringen evaluerer svarene og sender ut den endelige møteinnkallingen.

Se video:

Brainworker AS er norsk forhandler av OnTime Gruppekalender. Ta kontakt med oss dersom du ønsker mer informasjon:



David Allen uses IBM Notes for his GTD!

I guess you did not know that good old IBM Notes also is a GTD-tool and not only an email client. And the most surprising is that the inventor and founder of the GTD method, David Allen, uses IBM Notes in his company – with an overlay named eProductivity that makes IBM Notes into a GTD tool.

As a matter of fact, I used to have that overlay on my IBM Notes client too. Back in my first years as a Lotus Notes sales rep at IBM. I found it very useful, though a bit complex to use.

But, like IBM Notes, it’s still running out there among enthusiasts and also on David Allen’s desktop!

Here is the video where David tell about the apps he uses to Get Things Done:


I helped 25.000 people work smarter. Now it’s your turn!

Haven’t enough time to get through all those things and todo’s that piled up on your desk? Feel over worked? Burned out? Overwhelmed?

I know how it is. I’ve been there. But I managed to get out of that situation. And I learned how to work less and get more done by working smarter.

Check out my presentation at TEDx:

I help people and businesses who have the same issues and problems. They have got to much to do. They are hardly ahead of anything. Work piles up. Processes slow down and it all ends up in a mess.

Call me and I will help both you and your employees improve your working habits and make sure you get back on track. I analyze the way you work, your and your employees work behaviour, your processes, your priorities and help you understand what you msyt do – and not do!

My method is a mixture of various methods that worked for me. You have heard about GTD (Getting Things Done). You have heard about Time Management.

I will not teach you GTD, but pick some of the best things from the GTD method. I will not teach you Time Management, because no one can manage time.

I will teach you Activity Management, because activities is what creates the values both for you and your company. And I will teach you my own A-B-C method to focus on what is important – what to do and what not to do.

I guarantee You that it will change the way you think, the way you prioritize, the way you work and the way you live.

Call me on +47 41535313 or mail me on


Congratulate our first Norwegian IBM Champion

Wow! It’s with great proud we got the news that Hogne B. Pettersen is the first Norwegian person ever to become a distinguished IBM Champion! And it makes us specially proud to know that he is one of our Brainworker’s!

Hogne has been a IBM social collaboration enthusiast for many, many years and an active member of the Norwegian social collaboration community. He is an active member of the Norwegian IBM Software User Group (ISBG) and will for sure become the next leader of the group this spring.

He is also a member of our pool of highly skilled Brainworker consultants and is our specialist on user training and courses. Hogne is now working on developing new training courses on how to work smarter with email solutions like IBM Verse, IBM Notes, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Connections and other solutions. These will be presented both as webinars, workshops and full day courses under the marketing umbrella Brainworker Academy.



We did it again! Another success with IBM Connections Cloud!

We did it again!

And we have done it before, repeatedly. Local governments, shipping companies, TV channels, entrepreneurs, industries and now another of our clients has become an official reference to both Brainworker and IBM worldwide.

Say hello to Deltagruppen! A Norwegian company helping people out of unemployment by giving them the skills and resources to get back into the work market.

It’s all about people, knowledge sharing and collaboration both between the company’s employees, their clients and and collaborators outside the company. Geographically spread around one of the regions of Norway they needed a solution to collaborate more efficiently without having to travel to meetings. With the help of IBM Connections Cloud they reduced travel cost by 20 % and improved and simplified remote work.

What we did? We did the adoption, user training and advise on building smart workflows. As their digital development manager, Håvard Lindheim, said:

“…Brainworker delivered a rapid and effective implementation of the solution”.


Want to know more? Read the whole story here or contact and let’s talk about what we can do for your business to improve your productivity.



Improve your IBM Connections Cloud with Kodus Boards!

Helping people build efficient work processes using modern digital work tools is our main focus at Brainworker AS. We are specialists on several productivity tools and in front of them all are IBM Connections Cloud.

Adoption, meaning making users enthusiastic, energize them and helping them work smarter and bec ome more productive is our game.

Game? Yes, we call it a game, because working with smart work tools should be fun and easy. That is why we are now teaming up with ISW – the leading developer of fun and engaging methods and technologies to make people and companies more productive.

Have a look at the video below. This is now what we will bring to our Scandinavian market – right after IBM Connect 2017 in San Fransisco is over.

Watch the video and let’s talk about how we can help your company and your employees get more done in less time – and get more out of your investment in IBM Connections.

Kontakt me at




No streaming from Connect 2017, IBM?

I have looked and I have looked, but I can not find any place on the internet to follow IBM Connect 2017 from San Fransisco. Not any live stream from General Opening Session at least. So, unless someone in the cyberspace tells me how I might follow the session via stream, I guess I will not be informed, inspired or skilled on any news around IBM’s collaboration platform this february.

Dear IBM;

When I was a young boy my parents told me ” If you forget your friends, they will surely forget about you”.

Have you forgotten me and all the other who find it far to expensive and troublesome to travel all the way to Donald Country. Are we remotely banned in any way?

Please set up a streaming and tell us where to find it!