My dreams for IBM Connections Cloud!

IBM Connect 2016 kicks off this week and everybody who has taken the trip to Orlando, US are excited about what new stuff they will see.

I am not there, but I sure am excited whether my dreams for IBM Connections Cloud will come true. At the end of the week I will know whether I will be disappointed or not.

IBM Connections Cloud is, in my opinion, a perfect collaboration solution for a newly started company like mine. It is the main tool for almost everything for Brainworker AS. It is the heart, the engine, the production line, the think tank and the communications centre.

But, yes, there are som but’s. And to solve those are part of mye dreams and what I really would like to see in the next version – and as soon as possible.

Here is my wish list:

  • The Connections Calendar should be compatible with iCal standards. I not only want to see others iCal calendars in my Connections Calendar – I also want to share my calendar with my family and we are all Mac users. Yes I know I could use Apples calendar or Fantastical 2, and I do. But I want to have just one calendar – my work calendar.
  • The Connections Address Book should be compatible with Apples adress book and also be able to sync automagically. Would save me a lot of work!
  • IBM Docs should be able to handle not only Microsofts and Open Offce formats, but also Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynotes formats. I simply love Keynotes for all my presentations as it is a fantastic tool. And I prefer Numbers for Excel due to its ease of use and excellent design.

Off course there are technical things that should be improved, but these on my list are for me numero uno!

By the way;

I would really like to see a world wide really big and massive marketing campaign pushing IBM Connections Cloud into every management brain there is!

Clever business brains once told me this:

To have success use the 20/80 rule all over. Your investment should be 20 % on production and 80 % on marketing!

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Having a client meeting but forgot your laptop? Trust your iPad with IBM Connections!

I left my home office last week to join my colleagues at the headquarter 1,5 hours drive away. Arriving at the headquarter I discovered that I had forgotten my laptop at home. Normally that would arouse a panic feeling being helpless being totally without a work tool. But did I panic? No.

I fortunately had my iPad mini with a Logitech keyboard with me. With that tiny little tool and some of my social collaboration apps from IBM it was business as usual. I used IBM Connections, IBM SameTime, IBM Meetings as usual. Even our own version of SugarCRM (Sales Connect) is implemented as an app on my iPad.

I am a mobile worker, my office is where my body happens to be, I have my office in my hand and in my head. Easy as that. There are only a few things I need my laptop to do, things I don’t have to do very often. 75 % of all my work I can do on my iPad or iPhone. Just have a look at the video below and you see what I mean.

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See what is new for existing customers in IBM Connections 5.0

Want to know what existing customers can expect when they upgrade their IBM Connections to the next version which is 5.0? Have a look at this presentation made by Albert Nichols.

This is a presentation that covers new features for existing customers in the newest release of IBM Connections. This deck covers all the social business tools and features in IBM Connections that will take your business to the next level.

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IBM Connections Mail uses both Domino and Exchange servers

IBM Connections Mail just got an update! The solution is probably one of the simplest ways to work with your email within a social collaboration framework. Whether your email server is called IBM Domino or Microsoft Exchange does not matter. It makes your work day easier and more productive. According to McKinsey, when users switch from one task to another, it really affects productivity. With IBM Connections Mail you can process your inbox with minimal context switching, saving time and efforts. Here are some of the capabilities in IBM Connections Mail:

  • Accept/Decline calendar invites
  • Save messages as draft
  • Adds support for Domino encrypted mail
  • Adds direct access to the Microsoft Outlook Web App
  • Adds support for Microsoft Exchange 2013

Source: Socialize Me

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What can external users do in IBM Connections?

There has been some discussion on what external users of IBM Connections can and can not do in the system. Some have said that IBM Connections have very limited functionalities for external users. Here are the facts.

You become an external userExternal user icon of IBM® Connections when:

  • Someone in an organization invites you to join an IBM Connections community and you accept the invitation.
  • Someone in an organization shares a file with you.

What external users can do

As an external user, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Collaborate fully as members in communities, for example you can follow communities
  • View and download files that are shared with you
  • Edit files in IBM Docs
  • Join meetings that you are invited to
  • See an activity stream to which you have access
  • Edit your profile by clicking your picture and selecting My Profile
  • View business cards of anyone that shares content with you
  • Share files with people

What external users cannot do

As an external user, you cannot see the following IBM Connections items or perform the following tasks:

  • Be a community owner
  • Be a member of a community group
  • Create a community
  • Follow people
  • See public microblogs
  • See public or moderated communities
  • See public files
  • See or search the company directory (including using type-ahead) to find people
  • See recommended content or people
  • Access the Profiles menu.
  • Access other user profiles
  • See community metrics

Identifying external users and what they can work with

If you are an external user, then content that you create or have access to is identified by an icon External user icon. The icon is applied to restricted communities that you are a member of, and files or content that is created by you or shared with you.

Read more about IBM Connections 5.0 here!

Source: IBM Knowledge Centre