Do I really need a laptop now? Just installed IBM Connections Editor on my iPad…

Wow! I just updated my IBM Connections Cloud app and installed the IBM Connections Editor app on my old iPad Mini. Opened a new document, wrote, edited and saved it. Put away my iPad and there it was – the very same document in my files repository in my IBM Connections Cloud account. As easy as chewing a peanut!

So now I am wondering – do I really need my laptop anymore? With IBM Connections Cloud I can more or less do most of my work on my litte iPad combined with my small iPad Keyboard from Logitech. It looks like I can do 70 – 80 % of my tasks using the iPad which saves me quite a bit of weight in my shoulder bag. I could do with a small purse!

Well, for some tasks, like live demo’s of some software solutions, I would need a laptop (I use an old MacBook Air which do not connect to Apple TV). But more or less everything else I can do on my handhelds.

What about You? How do you see the trend in your case? Is the standard laptop a dying breed? What do you use your handhelds for workwize?

Feel free to comment!

Having a client meeting but forgot your laptop? Trust your iPad with IBM Connections!

I left my home office last week to join my colleagues at the headquarter 1,5 hours drive away. Arriving at the headquarter I discovered that I had forgotten my laptop at home. Normally that would arouse a panic feeling being helpless being totally without a work tool. But did I panic? No.

I fortunately had my iPad mini with a Logitech keyboard with me. With that tiny little tool and some of my social collaboration apps from IBM it was business as usual. I used IBM Connections, IBM SameTime, IBM Meetings as usual. Even our own version of SugarCRM (Sales Connect) is implemented as an app on my iPad.

I am a mobile worker, my office is where my body happens to be, I have my office in my hand and in my head. Easy as that. There are only a few things I need my laptop to do, things I don’t have to do very often. 75 % of all my work I can do on my iPad or iPhone. Just have a look at the video below and you see what I mean.

Only IBM can make you do this on an iPad!

There is no doubt! IBM is the world leader of new social inventions. Try to do this with Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office 265 on an iPad or an Android tablet. It is just not possible!

Have a look at the video below and you will immediately agree that IBM is ruling the world when it comes to social collaboration tools enabled on mobile platforms. There is no oner vendor in the market that is capable of doing the same things, totally integrated on all OS platforms be it desktop or mobile.

If I were to start a new company I would never buy any software that I had to install on my desktop. I would go for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and get everything I need deliver through my internet cable network. In fact I have already got myself a private account in IBM’s cloud to be ready for take off when I pension myself four years ahead from now.

And just look at the video and see what I will be able to do from my iPad Mini, my iPhone and my two Mac’s. I can run a whole business without using 1 byte of Microsoft code!

But I already do these things, using my own IBM account in the cloud. I run more or less 70 % of my daily work from my iPad Mini, collaborating with colleagues, clients and business partners through the cloud. I share and edit documents, I hold web meetings with presentations and video, I have discussions, I plan and manage activities (both internally and externally) – I even do phone calls using my IBM SoftPhone on my iPad Mini.

And my files are always kept in sync (see FileSync) between all my devices which is being rolled to users this week. IBM has also updated their social collaboration cloud services and the latest monthly release of the IBM Connections mobile apps have been posted to the app stores (click here for iOS and here for Android).

New interesting add-ons to IBM Connections

Social Business is getting hotter every day. And new apps appear mostly every day based on the world leading social business platform, IBM Connections.

Last year TemboSocial introduced an peer-to-peer recognition add-on for IBM Connections. Now they have made further integrations which also includes polling capabilities even on the IBM Connections mobile app.

Here is a couple of screenshots showing how this looks like on an iPad:

Re- The Poll and The Hive in Connections Mobile - IBM Notes

Re- The Poll and The Hive in Connections Mobile - IBM Notes-1


New amazing video on IBM Connections for iPad

There seem to be no end of amazing stuff you can do with the IBM Connections app for iPad! Just see for yourself!

This new amazing video shows a demo of the IBM Connections Mobile app on the iPad and specifically focuses on the new features that were added on the Spring 2012 release. You may dowload the app from AppStore. There is no cost. But, off course, you need a IBM Connections server to connect to.

IBM Connections App is updated

There is a new update in the Apple Appstore for those of you using IBM Connections on your iPad. The new version number is 4.2.0 and was distributed yesterday, 28th June 2013.

Here is some of the new stuff in the app:

  • Support for two factor authentication ussing clients certificates
  • Viewing and editing tags for a person’s profile
  • View description and background information for a person’s profile
  • View Peoples contacts for SmartCloud
  • Support for action required in activity streams
  • Support for community folders
  • Improvements to updating activities, blog entries and wikis comments
  • View Organizational Communities on SmartCloud
  • Improvements to switching between files and folder views
  • Improvements for downloading and viewing files
  • Performance and stability improvements

Be aware that future updates of the app will require iOS 6 or higher. Only devices that support iOS 6 or higher will be supported by the app.