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Hate email? Tomorrow there is a New Way to Work

Skjermbilde 2014-11-16 kl. 11.36.06Really fed up with good old fashioned email? Fed up with full mailboxes with a chaos of important messages and even more unimportant ones? Fed up with all the email that make you unfocused and destroy your daily workplan?

Do not be afraid. There is a solution coming your way. There is a New Way to Work with email. A solution that help you structure your work, focus on doing the important things and only view email that is in context with what you do.

Follow the live stream tomorrow when IBM presents this new and revolutionary New Way to Work codenamed IBM Mail Next. Tomorrow they will reveal the name of the solution and show the world the new way to work.

Even if you won’t be in the auditorium in New York, you can still enjoy the event. Register now to watch live as experts, authors and futurists share their visions for “A New Way to Work.” Talks will stream live 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard (EST). Replay will be available on demand approximately 3 hours after the live event.

Direct link to registration!


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IBM Mail Next – the productivity tool that is also an email client – will make a work revolution!

If you believe that email is making you productive you’re wrong! Old fashioned email as you know it from Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and other traditional email clients is not a productivity tool – it is a messaging tool, and very often a hassle.

A productivity tool, on the other hand, is something totally different and makes your daily work easier, faster, more structured, focused and effective. It is not the email that makes your work or your company more effective and competitive – it’s the activities. Effectiveness and productivity is all about focusing on the important things, it is about getting the value of your colleagues and employees knowledge, it is about faster and more effective collaboration. It is all about structure and the value of people networks.

So, what you need is a productivity tool, not an email client. Focus on your work, not your emails.

Where can I get a solution that really live up to this? Well, have a look at what IBM is working on and planning to deliver to their customers in the near future. For the time being they gave it the working name “Mail Next”. What name the solution will get when it is released to the market is still guesswork.

“Mail Next” is a tool that helps you focus on your (and others) activities and bringing all the information, emails, files and to-do’s in context to what task or activity you are doing. Take a look at the video below and you get an idea!

Please be aware that this is not a new version of IBM Notes (earlier known as Lotus Notes) which still is developed and is used by millions of users world wide and will still be developed in the future. The latest version of the good old Lotus Notes (Lotus was the earlier brand name, not the product name, which was Notes) is IBM Notes Social Edition 9.0 which is built on Open Social Standard and lets customer implement a lot of social functionalities in the client.

“IBM Mail Next” a total new product/tool also based on analytics technologies and have “ton’s” of new functionalities that no other competitor to IBM can offer.



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Fed up by your old mailbox? Check out this!


Really tired of getting hundreds of emails into your inbox every day? Tired and fed up by focusing on keeping up to date with all those emails instead of focusing on your important to-do’s? Does Outlook and other more or less old fashioned email clients ruin your productivity? 

If you can answer yeas to any of the questions above, you really should have a look at what IBM have up their sleeve. In the near future they will make a revolution in how you handle email and help you focus on the important to-do’s. Their upcoming Mail Next will change the way you work!

Want to see more? Check here!

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New video update on IBM’s Mail Next

Tune in and get the latest news on IBM Mail Next, the hottest announcement at IBM Connect 2014. IBM Mail Next is IBM’s next generation messaging and collaboration tool that will help you Focus, Find and Take Control of your actions and priorities.

Watch this lively and extremely interesting presentation by Kramer Reeves, Saurabh Calla, and Vinod Seraphin to get the latest news on IBM Mail Next, the hottest announcement at IBM Connect 2014.  IBM Mail Next is IBM’s next generation messaging and collaboration tool that will help you Focus, Find and Take Control of your actions and priorities.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • How IBM Mail Next is designed to provide productivity boosts for your organization
  • What the Design Advisory Program (DAP) has been up to
  • How you can begin your journey to IBM Mail Next today with iNotes + Notes Browser Plug-in