The Pebble is back!

My Pebble is back on my left hands wrist. After giving it a quite low score in an earlier blogpost I have now changed my mind and use my black Pebbe as my daily watch.

So, what did happen? They simply improved the stability of the watch by numerous uprades to the software. The watch now connects automatically when I come back into the room where I have left my iPhone. There are more apps on my iPhone that connects to the Pebble. And those are useful apps.

I have stopped using the email function. Partly because there are too many emails that are nore a disturbance than an effective tool for communication. And partly because there is no way to respond to emails on the watch. Besides, I only read and respond to email once a day to make myself more productive.

But I do read SMS on my watch. Simply because my touch screen in my cars dashboard does not handle email or sms even though it handles my in and out bound calls. But most of all since it is quite some risk picking up the iPhone from the pocket and start typing while driving. No I keep both hands on the steering wheel and just turn my left wrist a little bit to read the incoming sms on my left hand when the watch vibrates.

My standard activity planner Omnifocus (which I use on all my two Mac´s and my handheld devices), now also connects and shows my most important alarms on the wrist watch. I never have to set up new alarms on my watch for i.e. medication time, wake up calls and so on.

I know there are lots and lots of new applications developed for the Pebble, like golf score cards, running time laps and so on, but for that use I have a Garmin GPS watch.

But the Pebble is back on my left wrist!


Why I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore…

My Pebble has been a disappointment!
My Pebble has been a disappointment!

I was a Pebble enthusiast. I even invested in two of them, one for myself and one for my son. And as a Kickstart supporter I was a fanboy. Yes, I say WAS.

I am not a Pebble fanboy anymore. And I will tell you why.

First – it is very unstable. Leave the iPhone in another room and they both loose their Bluetooth connection. Come back to the same room and you have to reset the connection manually. Nothing happens automatically.

Second – it looses connection even when 10 cm distance between the Pebble and the iPhone. At this very moment I have set up the connection again – and it comes and goes, comes and goes. So it does not please me – it irritates me.

Third – there is not much I can do with the Pebble else than change between a few watch faces. I do get a warning when someone calls me. Text messages also. Mail I don’t want on my wrist – I get too many of them as it is and there is no way I can respond to them from my Pebble.

Fourth – I have tried to set up my calendar warnings and to-do list on the Pebble, but it does not work. There has come a new app for training and running. But I already have a better solution for that with my Garmin GPS watch.

So, dear Pebble, I gave it a chance. I will now hide it in my drawer with other remains of unsuccessful gadgets. I’ll go back to using my old fashioned classical watch and wait for a better alternative.


I love my Pebble´s – at least the one that works!

– I love my Pebble! It keeps me updated anytime and everywhere!

Well, at least I love the one that works. The other was dead on arrival. It will be fixed. Pebble support is onto it.

I have had my Pebble on my wrist since saturday last week. And I have loved every minute and every second. Especially in meetings where I set my iPhone in silent mode and keep it inside my pocket.

When the Pebble vibrates discreetly on my wrist, I just give it a short glimpse in less than a half second, without the customer noticing, and I am updated. May it be a text message, an email, a todo or a incoming call. Without a sound. Without any disturbance.


Earlier this week I was doing a presentation for sixty people in Bergen, Norway. I asked the participants to ask questions during my presentation, but without putting their hand up in the air. Not everybody like to talk or ask querstions publicly.

So I asked them to ask me via text messaging. And they did! Questions popped up on my left wrist and I answered them promptly. The participants thought it was sooo cool. And so did I..!

I will be experimenting with the daily use of my Pebble as the weeks go and I will publish what I learn here.

And if YOU have any user ideas or experiences – please share in the comments here!

Pebble on!


My two Pebble Kick Starter Edition has arrived – one DOA

One DOA – dead on arrival. One alive and well!

Looks nice on my wrist, but needs a more classy black leather strap.
Looks nice on my wrist, but needs a more classy black leather strap.

I got my two Pebble watches today. I have been waiting and waiting for them. And now – at last – they arrived. For years and years since I had a FOSSIL watch that replicated with my IBM Lotus Notes, I have longed for a new one that had more or less same functionalities.

Now, that they arrived, guess if I was excited to open the boxes!

Opened the box, connected the charger, turned on the Pebble, a flash on the screen. And then nothing. Except from some stripes on the screen. No menus. No nothing.

Turned it off. Turned it on. Reset. Follow all the advice in the manual. Nothing but stripes on the screen. Saw the Pebble on my Bluetooth setting on my iPhone. But it would not connect. Shit!

It is deadly cool to get text messages and emails directly to your wrist watch!
It is deadly cool to get text messages and emails directly to your wrist watch!

On to the other one. Beautiful! Everything worked! Installed nice and smooth. Connected to the iPhone smooth as melting butter in the sun. Upgraded the firmware. Set up the alarms.

Tested. Everything works. Changed time display. Set up my medical alarms. Set up text message alarms. Set up email alarms. Everything OK. Just as expected. Nice.

Now back to the DOA. Tested some more possibilities. But no. Nothing helped. So I sent email to the Pebble guys asking for advice. Do I really have to send the DOA Pebble all the way back to Singapore?

It was a gift for my son. He is a gadget freak like me. Even more than me. If possible..

While waiting for response from Pebble, I will enjoy the one that works. It is really nice. Too nice for the rubber strap that comes with it. That strap will have to go and be exchanged with one in real black leather. Exclusive style!

It is beautiful on my wrist. It is a real show off. And I will show it off. Next week doing presentations on a roadshow to the biggest cities around Norway, I will ask my listeners to post questions to my wrist watch! How cool is that?


Pebble comes in a nice box!
Pebble comes in a nice box!
The Dead On Arrival Pebble!
The Dead On Arrival Pebble!
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Watch out! Notes mail – on my wrist!

Watch Out! You got mail! Delivered directly to you wrist watch!

In just a few weeks time I will get your email, your calls, your short messages and a lot more – directly on my left wrist. And with the gadget on my arm I will be able to control the music on my iPhone! And, yes, it even tells me what time it is!

I am a Pebbler. Soon I will receive my two first Pebbles. One for me and one for my son. We are gadget freaks, both of us. So when I read about Pebble, the world probably most successful Kickstart project, I immediately invested a handful dollars – enough to get two copies of this fantastic watch!

Not that this is new to me. Many years ago I bought a Fossil wrist watch at a shopping mall in Las Vegas. The watch had a touch display and a very tiny pencil hidden under the watch to poke my way through the menus.

There I had my calendar, my email, my address book and my to-do’s. All replicated with my IBM Lotus Notes account at IBM. To replicate I had to use a tiny USB cable and also charge the batteries every night.

That watch is now passed and out of time. Dead. But still I have the good memories of it. So it will be great to get the new Pebble on my wrist. And this time without the use of a replication cable – because Pebble connects to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth.

It also comes with a development kit for those capable of making small apps for the device. And that opens a new great opportunity for all the smart people that develops solutions for IBM Notes and IBM Connections. Already there are apps to be downloaded from Appstore and Market for iOS and Android – apps that connects you to the great stuff from IBM Collaboration Solutions.

Now I am looking forward to apps that do the same for me on my wrist! That would make my day!

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