Norwegian company quits SharePoint and moves to IBM Domino

– We simply don’t get SharePoint to do what we want – solve our problems. So we throw it out and move to the good old IBM Domino Server technology.

That is the message from a Norwegian company within the oil/gas/energy/offshore industry. Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you the name of the company, but my source is very good.

This is not the only company that after some time understand that there is no thruth in the saying: – SharePoint is the answer. What was the question?

Off course SharePoint has it’s pro’s, but also it’s con’s like most digital solutions. But in my 16 years within the collaboration business I have often experienced customers suddenly and bitterly understand that everything they thought SharePoint could do for them was’nt excactly as the believed. But when they understand it, it is too late. They have burned a lot of money to consultants trying to make SharePoint do what a good old Domino Server would as default.

Time burnt, money gone. Too late to turn around, they think and throw more good money after the bad money.

But now and then there is a bold company that dears to admit their wrong decision and turns 180 degrees – back to what they had, and that worked day after day, year after year.

Plus, I know a lot of companies that have moved to Microsoft solutions like Exchange and Sharepoint, who still pays license fees to IBM because they are dependent on their business applications that runs on the good old Domino Server.

Double platforms – double license fees…

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Microsoft’s Yammer is not well integrated into SharePoint or other Microsoft applications

” Microsoft’s Yammer is not well integrated into SharePoint or other Microsoft applications, for example. You can get a Yammer feed into SharePoint, but can’t get SharePoint tasks into Yammer without writing code.” 
In an interesting article in on how to make employees to keep using social enterprise software, Mr. Tom Petrocelli, research director, enterprise social, mobile and cloud applications, for Neuralytix, emphasized the importance of using enterprise social software that integrates easily into common work processes:

” Software designed to be used in applications where people live entails less of a behavior change,” Patel said. And he goes on:

” Some software integrates much better than others. Petrocelli pointed out that Microsoft’s Yammer is not well integrated into SharePoint or other Microsoft applications, for example: You can get a Yammer feed into SharePoint, but can’t get SharePoint tasks into Yammer without writing code.”

Read the whole article here!

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How to make SharePoint social!

Let us say your company has Microsoft SharePoint, but the employees does not get as much out of it as the management wanted when they decided to choose SharePoint for internal and external collaboration. What do you do?

Here is my proposal for a solution: Let IBM improve the social functionality of your investment in Microsoft technology! Watch this video and you get the idea!

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IBM Connections integrates better with Microsoft than Microsoft themselves

– Microsoft Sharepoint and Yammer is the best social software for enterprises. No, it is not me saying this. Not at all. It is people who never bothered to have a deep look at IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. They are claiming this based on pure lack of knowledge.

They should really take a look at the video below and see how perfectly IBM Connections integrates with the whole Microsoft stack – even if they are Microsoft stuck.

Still SharePoint and Yammer are two silos that hardly integrate anything. And still they both miss a lot of social functionality which really should be the meaning of social software.

So here is what to do: Place the competitors besides each other: Microsoft Sharepoint + Microsoft Office + Yammer versus IBM Connections which is a single software installation that has more social functionality than all three Micrsoft packages together – and see what you get for your money.

Then you will see why IBM has been ranked the world leading social software for enterprise vendor five years in a row by IDC, and is the leader of all ranking lists from analyst companies like Gartner, Forrester and many others.

Have a look at the video and you will see that IBM Connections has better social integration with Microsoft than Microsoft has between their own products.

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Social Business Adoption: Three exciting days with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway!

2014-02-25_michaelWant to learn social business adoption from the best? Then register for three exciting days with Michael Sampson in Oslo, Norway!

Wether you have Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Connections – this is the three days you really should invest in to make sure social collaboration are really and thoroughly adopted in you organisation or company.

Michael Sampson is the worlds leading specialist on social business adoption and travels all over the world doing workshops, presentations, consulting and advisory on how businesses and organisation may optimize the way they work, improve productivity and utilize their corporate IQ.

Michael Sampson, situated in New Zealand, has written several books about social collaboration and how to make sure to get the most out of it.  I have read most of them and they are my “bibles” in my own adoption work.

It is the Norwegian IBM Software User Group (ISBG) that invites to these exciting days at the Rosenholm Campus in Oslo Norway  5th – 7th May 2014.

You may pick from three workshops or choose all three (whicj will also give you a rebate).

Read more about each module by clicking above (in english).

Read more about all the workshops and register here (in Norwegian).

The workshops will be in english and is open both to members of ISBG and everybody else. Michael Sampson has done a lot of adoption projects both based on Microsoft Sharepoint and IBM Connections – so whichever social collaboration platform you use – Michael will discuss them all and share his competence and experiences.

For more information make direct contact with the president of ISBG, Roger Johannessen on phone: 0047 92040997 or email:

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– This is just awesome! It is the most fantastic I have seen for years!

– This is just awesome! It is the most fantastic I have seen for years!

That is what the SharePoint administrator at a totally Microsoft carpeted client nearly cried out after being presented to IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and IBM Sametime 9.0 on both desktops and handhelds (iOS). No wonder I busted out: – How many do you want? Great demo by my excellent colleague Emmar Hoel simply did it. Just like me, he simply love this job! And what you love – you do well!

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Another Norwegian company chooses IBM Connections over SharePoint

Today, it happend again. Another Norwegian Microsoft customer chose IBM Connections despite the fact that they already have SharePoint.

The reason? SharePoint did not have the functions they believed it to have. It gave them control of their documents. And that was it. But no real collaboration as they belived it to have. And they found that it would take far too much time and money to build such functions on the Microsoft platform.

The customer will still keep their SharePoint so they can use the specialized application that they got developed on the platform. But for the future they will use IBM Connections. And they really have some goodies to look forward to!

Where SharePoint offers content, IBM Connections provides collaboration around the content. Content in itself does not have any business value, but when collaboration is added to the content it creates activities, and activities is what gives a company real business value.

The IBM Connections Suite provides a single offering that organizations can deploy to build a powerful intranet, become more agile and create competitive business value.

The latest version adds many more collaboration features to provide a top notch experience for users. For example, teammates can work together and align on business objectives in real time using instant messaging and web meetings deeply integrated as part of communities.

A rich content library allows members to securely manage their content and use approval routing to track the progress towards the validation of the document.

From ideation, to microblogging, to real-time team collaboration, to document management, the IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 is the most secure and complete collaboration platform out there.

See what you can do with IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1:

Below are some examples of the live actions you get with IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 (IBM Connections Suite includes IBM Connections,IBM Connections Content Manager, and IBM Sametime® Complete.):

IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users-1

IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users IBM Sametime wiki - What's New - What's new in Sametime 9 for users-2